Drivers and firmware

Download drivers and firmware for MediaTek products for Windows, OS X and Linux.

Part Number Date Version OS WHQL
USB (RT2870/ RT2770/ RT307X/ RT2070 RT357X/ RT3370/ RT8070/ RT5X7X/ MT7610/ MT7601/MT7612U)
1/20/2016 2K/XP: Vista: Win7: Win8: Win10: Windows XP 32/64 Vista 32/64 Win7 32/64 Win8 32/64 Win8.1 32/64 Win10 32/64
1/20/2016 V5.0.1.25 Mac OSX MAC 10.9/10.10/10.11
PCI/ mPCI / CB(RT2860/ RT2760/RT2790/ RT309X/ RT35X2/ RT539X/ RT3290/ MT7630)
11/3/2015 Win7 32/64 Win8 32/64 Win8.1 32/64 Windows Win7: Win8: Win8.1: Win10:
11/7/2014 v3.0.0.1 Linux Linux
USB (RT2870/ RT2770/ RT3X7X/ RT537X/ RT5572)
11/29/2013 V4.2.9.2 Mac OSX 10.7/10.8/10.9
9/16/2013 V3.0.0.2 Linux
9/13/2013 v3.0.0.4 Linux
RT8070/ RT3070/ RT3370/ RT3572/ RT5370/ RT5372/ RT5572 USB USB
10/22/2012 v2.6.1.3 Linux Linux
RT3573 USB
9/12/2012 v2.5.0.0 Linux Linux
PCI/ mPCI/ CB(RT2860/ RT2790/ RT309x)
5/18/2010 V1.2.2.0 Mac OSX 10.3/10.4/10.5
[Omnipeek tool] PCI/ mPCI/ CB(RT2760/ RT2790/ RT2860/ RT2890/ RT309x)
4/13/2010 Windows Windows XP 32
[Omnipeek tool] USB(RT2870/ RT2770/ RT307x/ RT3572)
4/13/2010 Windows Windows XP 32