A Developer Centric Ecosystem

Bringing MediaTek’s industry-leading reference designs and shortest time-to-market to a global developer community 

MediaTek Labs™ is a new worldwide ecosystem initiative for developers in support of device creation, application development and services based around MediaTek offerings.

MediaTek Labs builds on MediaTek’s legacy of providing industry-leading reference designs and enabling the shortest time to market for its extensive customer and partner base with its system-on-chip (SoC) solutions. Leveraging an inclusive ecosystem, the Labs portal will be the central hub for all developer / creator offerings from MediaTek, including software development kits (SDKs), hardware development kits (HDKs), technical documentation, as well as technical and business support to the device maker and application development community.

Initially, MediaTek Labs will stimulate and support the creation of wearable devices and Internet of Things (IoT) applications based on MediaTek LinkIt™, a hardware and software development platform launched in conjunction with Computex in Taiwan. With its cross-platform capability, the vision for MediaTek Labs however extends beyond LinkIt and IoT, with additional MediaTek offerings and those of relevant partners expected to be offered in the near future.

LinkIt™ by MediaTek

MediaTek LinkIt is a development platform for Wearables and Internet of Things (IoT). LinkIt integrates MediaTek Aster, which is the smallest wearable SoC currently on the market. It is designed to enable the global developer community to create small-sized, affordable wearable and IoT devices based on industry-leading reference designs.  

Key Features:

  • MediaTek Aster measures only 5.4x6.2mm and is specifically designed for wearable devices
  • Developer platform supported by reference designs that enable creation of various form factors, functionalities and internet connected services
  • Synergies between microprocessor unit and communication modules, facilitating development and saving time in new device creation
  • Modularity in software architecture provides developers with high degree of flexibility
  • Supports over-the-air (OTA) updates for apps, algorithms and drivers
  • Plug-in software development kit (SDK) for Arduino and VisualStudio; planned support for Eclipse
  • Hardware Development Kit (HDK) based on LinkIt board by third party

Pre-Register with MediaTek Labs

The MediaTek Labs portal will officially open in the third quarter of 2014. Developers and device makers who are interested in joining the MediaTek Labs program are invited to fill in their contact details below to be notified via e-mail once the program launches.