MediaTek hopes that the world can become more inclusive, where users around the world can gain the best technological experience at a reasonable price and communicate with each other through interconnected intelligence devices. Inclusiveness is the core spirit of MediaTek. 

We believe that everyone has the potential to create endless possibilities by using technology, thereby becoming an Everyday Genius. This is also why MediaTek has been committed to popularizing science and technology.

Super-Mid Market

An OECD report indicated that by 2030, the global middle-class population will approximate to 5 billion, of which over 3 billion people will be located in Asia. As the number of people with disposable income increases worldwide, economic focus will gradually shift from the western society to the eastern society. 

At the same time, technology is also contributing toward promoting human and social equality. On earth, each person is entitled to use the Internet on their mobile devices to communicate with others. In the future, increasingly more consumers could enjoy the opportunities and possibilities arising from science and technology, thus reshaping the market, altering the industrial structure, and expanding the economy, consequently creating an entirely new Super-Mid Market.

Distinct from the conventional midmarket, super-mid market comprises a broader range of groups of people, with almost 80% of consumers categorized in this market segment. These consumers have a higher standard for product quality. Therefore, the super-mid market will become a new battle field for future commodities