Innovation is one of the core values of MediaTek. We hope that all of our employees will shift away from their original frame of mind, come up with new ideas for innovating new technologies, strategies, marketing, management, techniques, and processes, take actions to overcome key problems in the face of challenges, and convert their ideas into concrete action to create new value. We believe that innovation is an important driver of a company's sustainable development. 

Considering its progressively increasing R&D spend since inception, it is easy to see that MediaTek highly values innovative development. In the past 12 years, we have accumulated more than NTD 300 billion in R&D expense. Telecommunication products are continuously evolving from technological enhancements, and we have continued to upgrade 4G technology and planned out 5G technology in 2015, allocating R&D expense toward developing new products that meet the demands of the next generation of telecommunication specifications.

Products and Technological Innovations

High-end Smartphone IC Chip - MediaTek Helio

The smartphone has already become an indispensable part of our daily lives. We cannot be without our smartphones for all sorts of activities—whether communicating with our friends and family or enjoying music, photography, or filming videos, or even exploring the vast information available online. Hence, we have developed this innovative product due to users' needs for longer battery life and integrated user experience, due to their high dependence on smartphones. 

Helio is the flagship brand of the MediaTek smartphone processor series; it offers top-notch processing capability, lasting battery life, and outstanding multimedia experience. Helio includes two major series: the Helio X Series is for top performance, and the Helio P Series for technology meets the latest trends. T

he Helio X Series is equipped with powerful, outstanding calculation capability and uncompromising multimedia features, whereas the Helio P Series offers optimized energy consumption management and streamlined printed circuit board (PCB) size while maintaining outstanding specifications to realize lightweight and fashionable cell phone designs.

MediaTek Helio has received resounding success in the first year of being launched; it has been adopted by nearly 100 end-products, including the best brands from both domestic and overseas markets. In addition, the Helio X10, which was mass produced at the beginning of the year and is the first ever Helio P10 series single-chip solution that supports Cat.6, entered mass production at year-end. We will see many cell phones equipped with the Helio P10 series single-chip solution being launched in the market during 2016.

Patent Management

A patent is a material indicator of MediaTek's innovative R&D strengths; hence, we have devoted significant resources into mechanisms and processes relevant to patents. To encourage employees to brainstorm and to innovate, our employees can attain patents from various countries for their inventions through patent application procedures to protect their IP rights and therefore enhance the company's R&D competitiveness. At the same time, in terms of establishing initial, niche technology, we have proactively participated in advanced standard organizations, and through planning out strategic patent foundation, we can accomplish a comprehensive, strong IP fortress.

MediaTek has over 20 R&D locations worldwide, and in terms of patent layout, we have applied for more than 10 thousand patents in North America, China, Europe, Taiwan, India, Japan, Korea, Brazil, and South Africa. As of 2015, we have already received 7,990 patents, showing a 12% growth over 2014. We will continue to monitor the latest evolutions and conditions in technology and propose patent defensive cases to protect the technologies that we have developed.

In addition to a strategic patent layout, MediaTek has also taken further steps to become eligible to conduct patent management and patent authorization business in Taiwan's technology industry. We began the plan in the second half of 2015, established our subsidiary Core Tech Resources Inc. , and then authorized the utilization of its 466 patents to the subsidiary, which will be able to receive authorization funds from third parties. This means that in addition to achieving quantitative growth in patent strategic layout, MediaTek has also performed well qualitatively. In the future, we will continue to authorize our patents to enable even more SMEs to grow and to work towards the prosperity of the technology industry in Taiwan.

R&D Gold Medal and Special Contribution Award

Since its inception, MediaTek has used innovation to establish a name for itself in the industry, constantly reminding itself to continually attempt to develop new technologies and configurations to optimize the competitiveness of the company. 

Therefore, in 2002 and 2003 MediaTek started issuing the Innovation Award and the Special Contribution Award as a means to encourage MediaTek employees to continually innovate, which is extremely beneficial to company operations in terms of technological R&D, strategic planning, and process management. 

These efforts also empower our employees to look for opportunities to become award candidates. These two rewards symbolize MediaTek's highest honor in technological innovation, and its success in encouraging employees to engage in innovation, thus successfully creating a culture and atmosphere of innovation inside the company.