1. MediaTek Labs Ecosystem

The MediaTek Labs project was launched in September 2014, with the goal of providing the MediaTek industrial Leading reference designs and services to the Labs users. MediaTek Labs can support global developers to design various types of IoT and wearable devices through integrating hardware, software and service on the platform where can accelerate product development and product launch times. 

Meanwhile, the Partner Connect Service can establish globally industrial ecosystem which can satisfy the emerging needs of Super-Mid market, enabling all consumers to stay connected whenever and wherever they want through this affordable product and service. This is another example of how MediaTek achieves its brand proposition of creating Everyday Genius.

Through the greatness industry ecosystem and convenient online service, MediaTek Labs will become the service hub for developers that includes software and hardware development programs, supply chain resources, cloud services, and online discussion forums. Concurrently, it offers technical services and business supports for aiding application developers and device manufacturers in developing innovative solutions.

Over the past year, MediaTek Labs has announced four new developer platforms, covering popular IoT fields including smart living and wearable technologies, and the abundant online resources available have attracted more than 10 thousand members to register. A variety of facilitating vendors have also joined forces to help us develop IoT trends and the future. 

Our mission is to assist developers from different backgrounds and achieve diverse levels of technical know-how, speed up the development of wearable and IoT devices, and support small companies or individual developers who lack resources or have low R&D competencies. Members can attain needed resources for R&D purposes through MediaTek Labs to further develop their own businesses.

2. LinkIt Developer's Platform

Create the three most important elements of the Internet of Thing: device, connectivity, and cloud; develop devices for the Internet of Things, which means we must strengthen networking capabilities and enable ultralow power consumption. The LinkIt developer platform in MediaTek Labs is a series of open-source hardware that consumes low energy and has powerful connectivity. 

At the cores of LinkIt are the MediaTek Aster MT2502, MT7681, MT7688, and MT7687, and through these outstanding SoCs, the LinkIt platform—developed specifically for wearable and IoT applications— has been highly integrated to reduce the quantities of external hardware devices needed and complete connectivity with excellent expandability. Additionally, the hardware reference design offered by MediaTek can further simplify the processes and reach better cost-effectiveness in developing the prototypes for wearable and IoT devices.

3. All-New Cloud-based Data Platform - Cloud Sandbox

MediaTek understands that cloud-based development platforms and services are crucial to the developers and manufacturers of prototypes of wearable and IoT devices. Through the free cloud-based service offered by MediaTek Labs, developer teams won't have to construct and manage an online server or seek a third-party cloud-based platform, and they can devote themselves to the prototype design and positioning of IoT devices. This significantly reduces the time needed from idea brainstorming to prototype creation.

4. Solution Catalog and Partnership Service

Developers can share information pertaining to their product equipment, applications, and services here, thus creating more chances of future collaborations with MediaTek's customers and partners. Resources offered from typical developer communities usually only offer support at the beginning of the prototype phase, but MediaTek Labs will assist in matching developers to appropriate platforms in the MediaTek supply chain, so that developers can move to the next stage of commercialization—efficiently finding partners from the MediaTek supply chain for various aspects from product design and production to procuring parts and components, making product launches much easier. 

The Partnership Service offered by MediaTek Labs is the newest measure undertaken, and it has been achieved by attaining a close-knit industry ecological supply chain in MediaTek's 17 years of doing business with customers from various fields, including TVs, cell phones, tablet PCs, car navigation, routers, games, and multimedia. Over the years, MediaTek has offered a turnkey solution that significantly reduces needed time for our customers, so that our customers can quickly launch brand-new devices under a cost-saving approach, and we have also led many startups to develop into large-scale global organizations.