Energy Resource

MediaTek has passed the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System for the implementation of the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle) and for the consolidation of environmental protection goals and strategies, as well as for implementing pollution prevention and improvement system. 

These improvements enabled MediaTek to have more influence on the protection of the environment. MediaTek primarily focuses on the development and design of IC technology. Manufacturing processes such as wafer fabrication, packaging, and testing are outsourced to external suppliers. The resources used the most by MediaTek are electricity and water. The energy intensity for selling one unit of IC consumes an average of 0.0402 MJ.

Energy Conservation Measures

In respond to the global trend of energy conservation, MediaTek implemented various energy conservation measures in 2015. These measures focused on the improvement of equipment that use electricity and water, which included equipment facilities, air conditioning, lighting, etc. MediaTek also actively coordinates with equipment suppliers to reduce equipment energy consumption through innovative energy conservation methods.