Safety Compliance

To ensure that all products comply with international environmental protection standards such as WEEE and RoHS as well as client requirements, our Environmental Safety and Health System has been established based on ISO 14001 (2004) and OHSAS 18001 (2007). 

The system effectively manages any and all negative impacts or noncompliance issues to the environment, health and safety in all processes including Company activities, production processes, products, or services. It also undertakes continuous improvement for the overall environment and safety and health performance. MediaTek did not have any records of non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations in 2015 and thus was not subjected to any administrative or judicial sanctions or punishments. We hope to create an environment conducive to sustainable operations to the Company and to offer products and services that will satisfy our customers through the Environmental Safety and Health Management System.

Environmental Safety and Health Policies

MediaTek is mainly focused on the research, design, sales, and after-sales service of high-end integrated IC chips. The main impacts on the environment are the storage of business wastes and the management of related outsourcing manufacturers. Therefore, carrying out the green product design, the green management of purchases and suppliers, the reduction of resource waste, and the safety and health of employees is not only the social duty of MediaTek, but also an assessment for future international competition. The Environmental Safety and Health Policies are the highest levels of guiding principles that the Company maintains for environmental, health, and safety management, and in order to meet the requirements of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, we routinely undertake audits of the environmental safety and health management system and has announce these policies on our internal website to educate staff of all ranks according to "Educational Training Management Procedures." Furthermore, our contractors are also required to understand these principles by the "Contractors' Environmental Safety and Health Management Procedures" in order to ensure that the environmental safety and health management system can continue to function in an appropriate and effective manner.