Green Product
Environmental Policy

To respond to global trends of environmental protection and the green trends required by our customers, MediaTek strives to design green products that are low-hazardous, low-carbon, and low-energy, to enhance our green competitiveness and seize global business opportunities. 

This policy is applied to all activities that are related to MediaTek's products, all the way from internal design processes to purchasing, manufacturing and transportation from external suppliers. We will promote and implement a green concept in our overall value chain. In each step, we will undertake project design, execution, evaluation, and actions in accordance with PDCA's management cycle to ensure that each step along the way is in compliance with the policy standards and could achieve our objectives. 

In addition, ensuring that our employees understand the significance of environmental protection is also part of the policy. Through arranging for educational training and continued promotions and communications, we have incorporated green concepts into our day-to-day activities and inspired the creation of innovative green products.