The customer satisfaction survey is conducted on an annual basis. An objective third-party consulting firm assists us to establish comprehensive customer satisfaction surveys, which include customers’ overall impression of MediaTek and their satisfaction and feedback regarding MediaTek's before-sales marketing, product development, product sales, selling channels, solutions, logistics, quality and technical support. The targets to be surveyed span customers from all business units. 

The objective third-party consulting firm surveys our existing customers via the Internet or through face-to-face interviews. After the surveys are completed, we relay customer opinions to their respective departments to understand and analyze various issues as well as come up with improvement measures and reports. 

After the issues have been tracked and improvements have been verified, we once again explain the results of improvements to these customers to let them understand that MediaTek is resolved to value and listen to suggestions from customers. All customer feedback and results of improvements are reported to managerial meetings and reported to the General Manager.