Social Welfare

MediaTek's mission is to enhance and enrich the lives of everyone.

Through technical breakthroughs and development to create products that are beneficial to the society and the environment is one of the routes to achieve this objective. On the other hand, through long-term devotion to social welfare, we can also realize our mission of giving back to the community. 

Furthermore, "realizing our responsibilities as corporate citizens" is also one of our eight primary management principles and is deeply rooted in the day-to-day activities of all our employees. To uphold the Company's core values, MediaTek proactively takes social responsibility and continues to communicate with stakeholders from all aspects of the society to understand their true needs and to offer resources to those in need in the most appropriate circumstances. 

MediaTek founded the MediaTek Foundation in December 2001 to extend our core competitive advantage and promote scientific education in Taiwan in order to realize the concept of "giving back to the society" in practice and to achieve a positive cycle of mutual growth and prosperity with the society. 

The core development scheme is separated into three aspects: accessibility of scientific education, high-tech academic exchange and social welfare participation. In addition to correlating with MediaTek's brand vision, we have also incorporated our core values of innovative technology. MediaTek Foundation devoted more than NTD 35 million in 2015 and plans each project using a long-term perspective to pave the way to everlasting, continuing education and culture.