MediaTek offers a workplace environment where global talent can engage in continuous learning and growth. In terms of performance management and development systems, employees and their supervisors are required to jointly inspect their annual job performance, respect individual development plans, and define suitable work goals. 

Concurrently, a sound training system is implemented for employees to learn the professional skills they require at work, thereby helping employees create their future development blueprint. In particular, leadership is a competency required of employees' career development. 

Therefore, we provide leadership training to department manager (2nd level) or higher supervisors, and through the 360-degree feedback questionnaire survey, we assist managers to examine their individual performance and areas of improvement from different perspectives and to use their findings as the motivation for continual growth and advancement. 

We believe that a manager with strong leadership skills can lead one's team to overcome various challenges and advance toward a common goal and vision, thereby growing and developing jointly alongside the company.

1. Performance Management and Development

A performance management and development system is aimed to combine the company's goals with individual goals. Through active performance feedback and communication, the development progress of employee abilities can be examined and measured for creating optimal organizational and individual performance. 

This system is applicable to MediaTek's global full-time employees, and does not influence employees' rights to accept performance management because of gender differences. The evaluation involves two phases: Final-term phase, which takes place from mid November to end of January the following year, and Mid-term phase, which takes place from June to July.

In the final-term phase, supervisors provide one-on-one feedback to their employees regarding their annual job performance, conducts performance evaluations of their colleagues, and jointly sets the work goals and development plans for the subsequent year.

In the mid-term phase, employees are required to confirm the progress of attaining their initial goals and ensure that their predetermined goals are in accordance with their individual development and actual work conditions. 

Subsequently, they must examine, confirm, and reorient their annual goals accordingly. Furthermore, two-way communication and feedback between supervisors and their colleagues ensure adequate understanding of their work status, provision of necessary resources for performance enhancement, and facilitate completing work tasks.

2. 360-Degree Feedback Questionnaire

To enhance the leadership capacity of management personnel, the 360-degree feedback questionnaire is conducted on department manager (2nd level) and above to comprehensively examine their job performance and management skills. Opinions and feedback primarily originate from supervisors, subordinates, peers, and those under evaluation. 

Feedback from diverse channels ensures objective evaluation results, enhances the willingness of management personnel to adopt improvement suggestions, and provides a reference guideline for devising career development plans. Regarding cultivation of leadership, an internal apprentice system is used to transfer management experiences and arrange external training courses according to the leadership requirements of various management levels. 

Thus, management personnel is granted with the opportunity for continuous learning and development, which contribute to strengthening the leadership capacity of MediaTek’s employees at all levels. As our workforce continues to grow, more than 1,000 supervisor raters and 10,000 employees throughout our global offices have partaken in the feedback evaluation, maintaining a participation rate of 90% or above.

3. Training System

MediaTek offers suitable training programs for new recruits and executive managers according to the professional skills they require for their job positions. Thus, employees can continuously learn new knowledge and skills to respond to various new challenges at work. 

Under such a diverse and comprehensive training system, employees can select appropriate training programs according to their interest and career goals. Our training methods are unaffected by gender or ethnicity. We expect to foster the core value of continual learning in employees and realize the business philosophy of MediaTek.

Our training management system comprises the Regulation for Internal Training Management and Regulation for External Training Management, both of which outline the procedure for arranging training courses and encouraging employee participation. In addition, the level of participation among employees will also serve as a basis for dispatching, promoting, and strengthening the competency of supervisors. Various types of training standards all contain regional and location-specific implementation details that vary throughout the world.

4. Resources and Channels for Learning

Supervisors can assist each and every member to establish annual individual development plans (IDP) according to individual work-related needs to achieve the Company's business development needs and employees' sustainable growth. Individuals and supervisors can all understand and track learning progress and records through the ilearning platform set up on our Learning Website that was established in 2015. 

In addition to real courses, on-the-job training, and e-learning, the ilearning platform also allows employees to undertake self-initiated learning or extended after-class learning at any time, any place. All information that new entrants need to understand is available in a single designated zone on the website, and this should help new recruits better adapt to the new environment. 

Since being launched in Q4 2015, the ilearning platform has received 21,913 hits as of year-end in 2015. Fifty-seven percent of the users are employees with 2 years or less work experience with the Company and have demonstrated positive learning results, showing that the platform is beneficial towards new entrants' adaptability to the Company. In the mid to long term, we will conduct module design for contents in each zone and continue updating the contents for learning.

In terms of learning channels for supervisors' leadership competency, MediaTek selects key books for the year according to key learning factors for supervisors, so supervisors can learn and exchange their thoughts and learning progress through the "supervisors' book club." 

Moreover, for managers throughout the world to share the same management language and gain the knowledge and skills required by the Company, and gain the knowledge and capabilities required by the Company, we have offered a strategic handbook for often-seen management topics, in which challenges, problems, and the corresponding solutions are shown. 

This should better facilitate supervisors in dealing with day-to-day management issues and to provide an instant reference, as well as to pass on management methods to establish the Company's management culture.

5. Types of Training Program