1. Wage Protection

MediaTek's strategic positioning is to offer higher overall compensation packages than the market average to attract talent and to retain current talent with competitive compensations. We have designed wage structures that comply with local needs and standards based on each operational location's government and legal regulations, industry practices, and HR and market conditions, and we do not differentiate based on gender, nationality, race, age, or religious beliefs. 

For instance, in the case of a MediaTek engineer with a graduate degree but no prior work experience, our basic fixed compensation would be 280% higher than the government's established basic wages. 

The Company's overall compensations are based on individual employees’ knowledge, skill sets, capabilities, roles, and responsibilities as well as individual performance and commitment, and we also consider the Company's overall performance targets. In terms of base salary, we make appropriate adjustments to our employees' base salaries based on the market's overall wage standards, overall economic indicators and our policies. 

Whereas annual bonuses will be assessed based on the Company's annual profitability, an employee's individual performance, and the roles he/she serves in the Company, to ensure the competitiveness of the overall compensation package. 

MediaTek completed the annual wage adjustments in February 2015 for our global operational locations and allocated a designated percentage of Company profits as employee incentives; this will be given out in February and August each year to encourage employees to continue making contributions and attract and retain talent through competitive overall compensation packages. This is our way of realizing the sustainable vision of profit-sharing.

2. Welfare Committee

In accordance to the Organization Regulations on Employee Welfare Committee stipulated by the Ministry of Labor, the Taiwan headquarters has requested each department to nominate a representative to form an Employee Welfare Committee. 

The purpose of this committee is to oversee the Employee Welfare Committee funds and to promote various benefits. MediaTek has always set aside a higher percentage of the revenue than what is stipulated by law to sponsor Employee Welfare Committee, allowing the committee to offer more benefits. 

At the same time, MediaTek has also taken the cohesiveness of each department and flexible selection of personal benefits into account, such as sponsoring departmental events reimbursements, and encouraging events that can bring strengthen the familial relationships of department members, which applied rate nearly 98%. 

The company also provides personal traveling reimbursement, which allows employees to freely choose to participate in group trips host by the company or plan personal and family trips. Since the implementation of these benefits, 95% of the employees who applied for reimbursement for travel were reimbursed, a percentage that truly reflects the spirit of goodwill intended by employee benefits. 

We also provide reimbursement for movie appreciation event, the employee can select movie which they are preferred to share with their family or colleagues. Furthermore, MediaTek has installed a massage room in the Health & Lifestyle Center, and we have hired visually impaired chiropractors recommended by the Taiwan Blind Person Welfare National Christian Council to provide professional massage therapy services.