Employment Relationship

MediaTek proactively recruits talent from various regions to join our management team

In 2015, we recruited 2,525 new entrants, and we have shown significant growth in ratios of new recruits in Taiwan, Asia, North America and Europe, showing MediaTek's rapid development in the global market. On the other hand, a total of 1,191 employees have left MediaTek and our global subsidiaries. In terms of categories, the North American region had a higher turnover compared to 2014 because of organizational restructuring, and Taiwan had a steadier employment trend compared with the previous year. 

Our global overall turnover rate was 10.9%, which is lower than industry standards. MediaTek will continue to strive toward talent retention and to understand the reasons for employees' departure as evidence for improvement. We will undertake multilateral caring measures for departing employees, including sharing Company information and phone interviews, to maintain positive interactions between the Company and ex-employees and opportunities for future collaborations.

We value employee diversity and localized management, recruiting talent and directors from not only Taiwan but also other regions of the world, including China, Singapore, South Korea, India, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, and the United States. We also hire a considerable number of professional managers in these countries to fully achieve localized management in these regions, thereby contributing continual efforts to future organizational planning and global talent market deployment. 

Furthermore, MediaTek has also recruited physically challenged individuals and protected their employment rights according to legal regulations. We offered positions as engineers or massage therapists according to individuals' professional capabilities and backgrounds, ensuring fair employment opportunities to those with physical disabilities.

1. Compliance with Labor Laws and Regulation

MediaTek strictly adheres to the stipulations of the Labor Standards Act as well as International Bill of Human Right, to protect employees' rights to freedom of association. Regarding employment, the company is prohibited from discrimination against employees according to their ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, pregnancy, political preference, and religion.

By law, all employees must sign a labor contract that specifies an employment relationship based on the approval of both parties and the prohibition of using child labor. 

Furthermore, the work rule specifies regulations for non-mandatory labor and regulates employee work hours in accordance with labor laws and regulations. In special cases wherein labor contract with the employee is terminated, the Labor Standard Act must be followed to notify of dismissal and handle subsequent dismissal fees. In 2015, MediaTek did not violate regulations regarding freedom of association, discrimination, and mandatory labor.

2. Sexual Harassment Prevention

To create an environment of gender equality for every MediaTek employee so that they will not be treated differently or subject to sexual harassment, we pay particular attention to potential gender discrimination and sexual harassment issues in the workplace. 

We have established the Regulations for Establishing Measures of Prevention, Complaint, and Punishment of Sexual Harassment in accordance with the Act of Gender Equality in Employment, Regulations for Establishing Measures of Prevention, Correction, Complaint and Punishment of Sexual Harassment at Workplace, Sexual Harassment Prevention Act, and Regulations of Sexual Harassment Prevention. 

Furthermore, we have setup a Sexual Harassment Handling Committee and Sexual Harassment Prevention hotline (#21999) and E-mail (call21999@mediatek.com ) to handle gender equality issues in the workplace, thereby ensuring that all MediaTek employees receive the most comprehensive care.

The "Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention Program" has been listed as mandatory for all employees since June 2015, and as of year-end in 2015, we have achieved a completion rate of 93.6% and will work towards 100% completion. Concurrently, we are also planning this course as compulsory for all new entrants to the Company and have also established a sexual harassment prevention website to offer relevant information for our employees to promote gender equality and mutual respect.

3. Employee Communication Channel

For our employees to perceive an open and fair environment for communications at MediaTek, we strive to establish a comprehensive employee communication channel that allows for bilateral communications between employees and the Company, and together we can work toward an even more complete professional environment. 

MediaTek has hosted communications conferences and established an online communication platform, in addition to communications with supervisors from different levels to meet the objectives of "understanding Company operations," "getting to know your supervisors," "improving the work environment," and "collective effort." Our communications matrix structure can effectively assist employees to understand the Company, realize Company policies, and solve problems regarding colleagues and the work environment.

The Company issues an internal monthly electronic periodical, "Hot Paper," to listen to ideas and opinions from our colleagues and for every employee to understand important Company policies and event promotions. 

We also encourage our employees to speak up on a timely basis. Furthermore, we host employment relations conferences on a quarterly basis and undertake a fair and effective communication mechanism that takes in employee suggestions to understand employees' thoughts and handle the reported problems on a timely basis. We hope to achieve harmonious employment relations through these measures and to create a win-win objective together with our employees. 

Because we are hiring more and more overseas employees, to realize timely and transparent communications, we have commenced global conferences since Q4 2015, in which 4 members of our senior management team including the Vice Chairman a conduct video conference with more than 200 global supervisors and employees. 


The MTK_FAQ communications platform allows employees to provide feedback and suggestions on work and the environment and assists employees to provide feedback on topics relevant to their work and personal lives. We have established designated communications channels for different responsibilities. 

We collected 601 employee suggestions regarding HR policies and service via the "MTK_ FAQ communications platform" in 2015, and we require that the initial response for these suggestions be made within 2 days. We have already handled 599 suggestions, among which 2 have been placed into long-term evaluation and planning.

MediaTek values bilateral communications and strives to provide open and transparent communication channels for supervisors and employees as well as between employees. The stringent bilateral communications are shown below.


 4. Survey of Employee Opinions

To truly understand employees' thoughts and suggestions for the Company as a driver of the Company's continuous improvement, MediaTek has undertaken employee opinion surveys since 2004. Questions in the surveys are separated into 5 primary categories: job functionalities, strategic alliance, wages and compensations, employee commitment, and self-actualization.

We hope to understand our employees' true feelings through these diverse categories. The results of employee opinion surveys serve not only as channels to better understand our employees but also serve as evidence for the company's internal assessment. 

The Company will undertake internal discussions and review parts that should be improved or items that received low scores; moreover, for departments that receive relatively low scores, we will undertake skip-level communication through focus groups with these departments to better understand employees' thoughts and come up with corresponding improvement measures. 

Since 2014, employee opinion surveys have been conducted every two years, and for 2016, we are expanding the base of employees to include all 10,000 employees globally for the first time, and will proceed to undertake these surveys starting in May.