Global Talent at MediaTek

Since founded in May 1997, with the pioneering global strategic layout , MediaTek has gradually established overseas subsidiaries. In addition to our Taiwan headquarters, we have also set up operational sites in China, the US, the UK, Sweden, India, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. In 2015, the total number of our global employees exceeded 10,000 (excluding affiliated firms), fully demonstrating MediaTek's resolve and commitment toward technological innovations. 

Through offering a globalized work environment that allows global talents to collaborate and grow together, we enhance the timeliness on product development and technical support as well as encourage our employees to realize innovative values through their work. Together we can build MediaTek into a top-notch global innovative company that creates endless possibilities.

Employee Overview

As of year-end 2015, MediaTek and its global subsidiaries (excluding affiliated firms) have a total of 10,903 employees, more than 90% of which are located in MediaTek's primary operational locations— Taiwan and Asian region (Asian region includes countries such as China, Singapore, India, Japan, Korea); 5,985 employees are in Taiwan, 4,200 in Asia, 415 in Northern America, and 303 in the European region. 

In terms of gender distribution, MediaTek has 2,062 female employees and 8,841 male employees. The number of male employees account for approximately 81.1%. This is primarily because MediaTek's employees are mostly R&D personnel, and graduates from relevant majors and academic studies are predominantly male.

In terms of job distribution, the labor structure of MediaTek is still consistently mostly in R&D, in which 9,785 employees are in R&D, 595 in administration, 347 in marketing, and 177 in manufacturing-related tasks. The ratio of R&D personnel has now reached 89.7%; this is mostly because the semiconductor industry requires a very high knowledge base, and MediaTek's primary products require highly innovative talents and expertise in pioneering technical know-how. 

In the labor structure of the remaining staff, a total of 1,198 individuals are at the management level, accounting for 11% of all employees; the age distribution of 21 to 40 year olds account for the majority of the staff, making up 86.4% of all employees; most of the employees hold graduate degrees or above (inclusive of master's degree), accounting for 74.3% of all employees. Most of the employees are full-time, accounting for 99% of all employees.

The overall average age of MediaTek employees is 33.5 years, and an employee serves at MediaTek for an average term of 4.3 years. The labor structure is steady, and we continue to inject new, exceptional talent into our pool to meet the objectives of MediaTek's innovation, growth.