1. Employee Healthcare Management

MediaTek values employee health, and in addition to setting up a Fitness Center within the Company to offer a convenient and safe sports venue, we also plan for in-depth health checkups (more detailed than what is required by law) for every single MediaTek employee. Each and every MediaTek employees can utilize a NTD 6,500 health checkup fee as well as a half-day health checkup leave. 

We also host health promotional seminars from time to time. For high-risk demographics such as females, employees in testing departments and mid- to senior-level management, we proactively offer mandatory preventative checkup items such as professional eye doctor examinations, breast ultrasound, pap smear, blood-level lead concentration detection, and low-dose lung CT to reduce hazardous factors that may affect employees' health and to undertake effective handling and monitoring in early stages of diseases. 

The annual health checkup can also effectively remind MediaTek employees to take better care of themselves and achieve physiological illness prevention. We have achieved a 100% checkup rate in accordance with the legal regulations in 2015, showing that MediaTek employees have all developed a positive healthcare mentality.

MediaTek also believes that true wellbeing encompasses positive physiological and psychological state; thus, when employees (and some of their spouses) undertake health checkups, they can also fill out "self-examination forms" that could enhance their perception about their own psychological state. Additionally, our Employee Relations Office will follow up with caring and monitoring for employees at high risk to ensure every single employee's physical and mental wellbeing.

2. Healthy Diet Promotions

MediaTek offers a variety of healthy foods in the Employee Cafeteria, bans catering vendors from using MSG and illegal additives, and in terms of food safety management, provides the safest dietary planning for our staff. Nine firms have joined our cafeteria in MediaTek's headquarters, including Korean food, a potsticker food chain, juice bar, noodles, buffet, vegetarian, and fast food, to offer the most diversified options for our employees. In addition, through a systematic instant query platform, our employees can look up daily menus and personal consumption records. 

This systematic analysis can also serve as a reference point for our annual vendor selection process. In the overall satisfaction survey conducted in 2015, 70% of the employees are satisfied with their diet (rating is out of 5, with options 4 and 5 showing that the rater is satisfied). This is a 13% growth over the satisfaction rate in 2014. Only 3% of the staff were dissatisfied, showing that most of the employees acknowledge the arrangement and planning for healthy diets.

3. Workplace Medical Service

In addition to having a professional medical team, MediaTek also commissions a medical team from National Taiwan University Hospital—Hsinchu Branch to conduct onsite visits 15 times per month in compliance with legal regulations. The team of doctors offers one-on-one professional consultation with our employees, and in addition to consulting about physical wellbeing, the doctors will also offer explanations for results of their health checkup so MediaTek employees can better understand their own health conditions. 

The other professional task of the onsite medical service is to ensure that there is a correlation between employees' health problems and the workplace and to rule out any hazardous factors that could potentially harm employees' health in the workplace. Moreover, the visiting medical team also facilitates the Company's professional medical personnel and environmental safety personnel to undertake ergonomic and maternal health protection plans.

4. Ergonomics and Massage Service

In addition to hosting health promotional activities according to employee needs, MediaTek has also responded to one of the new topics in the Professional Workplace Safety Policy—ergonomics. Professional doctors and medical personnel have invited the Attending Physician at the Rehabilitation Center at National Taiwan University Hospital to host a seminar on the topic of "Have You Been Sitting Right at the Office?" Moreover, we have also conducted an online survey of all employees and attained in-depth understanding of employees' operational conditions through onsite medical consultation. 

We anticipate retaining the services of physiotherapists in 2016. In addition, MediaTek has recruited 20 visually impaired massage therapists to take care of MediaTek employees' physiological wellbeing and relieve their stress as well as oversee the employment rights of these visually impaired massage therapists. The massage appointment rate throughout the year was 99%.

5. Protection of Mothers’ Health

With the increasingly advanced medical industry and the gradual enhancements in identifying and controlling hazards, as well as the enhancements in the technology used in evaluating health-related risks, by keeping informed of employees and the numbers of maternity checkups applied in each month, our professional medical personnel can maintain a detailed record of pregnant workers in the Company. We can realize health protection for these mothers and equal employment rights through onsite doctor visits to diminish hazards and adjust working conditions and job rotations based on the consent of these workers.

6. Health Promotional Activities—Work Together and Earn Great Health

Fitness and a regular exercise habit can improve physical wellbeing, maintain a positive outlook and relieve stress in work and private life, so that a person can build persistence, perseverance, and become willing to take on challenges and build on his/her confidence to promote a healthy self-image. 

MediaTek is focused on the mental and physical wellbeing of our employees. We have built a healthy and happy workplace and planned a fitness and sports center for our employees—including a fitness center, basketball court, badminton court, table tennis room, classrooms and more. Moreover, to enhance the utilization rate of these venues, we offer various sports halls for club practices and spousal classes. 

Moreover, we have also planned health promotional activities for the entire year, including sports competitions, health seminars, weight loss classes, creative activities, and participation in external sports competitions. We hope that employees can achieve balanced physical and mental wellbeing outside their work.

7. New Recruit Caring System and Mechanism

To help new entrants adapt, the Company established a "New Employee Caring System" in 2009, in which, upon joining the Company, the system will automatically send out a "New Employee Adaptability Questionnaire" and "New Employee Feedback Questionnaire" to the new recruits on their 7th and 30th days, respectively. The questionnaires are rated out of 5 possible points. 

The New Employee Adaptability Questionnaire on the 7th day is focused on understanding information such as basic rules on attendance, meals and parking. Alternatively, the New Employee Feedback Questionnaire on the 30th day is focused on the new recruit's perception of his/her first month and covers issues such as gaps between company culture and operational methods from what the employee had imagined. 

Moreover, the Company has also established a "buddy system" for new entrants. Supervisors designate an appropriate colleague from the same department to serve as the new employee's buddy prior to his/her entrance to the Company. Upon his/her arrival, the buddy helps the person adapt to his/her life and work. This system can assist new employees to soothe the feelings of alienation and unfamiliarity. shorten the timeframe they need to adapt, and help them to become immediate assets to the Company. Results from the New Employee Feedback Questionnaire are also provided to the person's buddy as reference. 

The buddy can then offer more aid on the aspects the new entrant is unfamiliar with. Results from the New Employee Feedback Questionnaire are classified as green, yellow, or red light depending on their responses. Results that are classified as yellow or red lights are abnormal, and therapists from our Employee Relations Office proactively contact these new recruits to understand their conditions and care about their wellbeing. They might also facilitate new employees to communicate with their supervisors or their buddies as they see fit.

Additionally, we have also established the "Probation Period Completion Questionnaire" to carry out our new entrant caring mechanism. This questionnaire is filled out when a new employee completes his/ her probation period, and the purpose is to understand his/her perception and job satisfaction during the probation period. 

For instance, "I have adapted to the Company's culture and methods after these months." The results of this questionnaire are classified as either green or red based on their responses. Red would be seen as a sign of abnormality, and a therapist from Employee Relations Office would proactively contact these employees to inquire about their wellbeing and offer appropriate assistance. 

For new employees whose results show abnormal signs on the "New Employee Feedback Questionnaire" and "Probation Period Completion Questionnaire," we have achieved a 100% consultation rate and have assisted a total of 159 new employees. The time of accumulated consultation has been 205 hours. Furthermore, to help new recruits better adapt to and familiarize themselves with MediaTek's corporate culture, the Company hosts a 4-hour "MediaTek In-Depth Workshop" after a new employee has been with the Company for 30 days. "Workplace Attitude and Behavior," which accounts for 1.5 hours, is taken from the analytical results of the abnormal contents in New Employee Caring questionnaires. We completed 14 rounds of such workshops in 2015, and the overall satisfaction rate was 91%.

8. Employee Assistance Program

To build a healthy professional workplace and protect the mental health of our employees, the Company offers both external and internal comprehensive employee assistance programs. In terms of the externally commissioned employee assistance program, MediaTek collaborates with Hsinchu City Lifeline Association, and our employees can undertake professional consultation or inquire about mental or legal issues in a stress-free environment that protects their identity at the Employee Assistance Center.

Consultations and inquiries can be about any topic of their choice, and each person can enjoy up to three 60-minute consultation sessions on an annual basis, with all relevant service fees being covered by the Company. Moreover, the Company also offers explanatory cards during new employees' arrival or when mental wellbeing activities are hosted to help all employees understand how to utilize these resources at a glance.

In our internal employee assistance program, we have planned out a "Mental Health Prevention Program" that is separated into 3 levels

Moreover, we also planned for "Caring for Employees with Longer Working Hours" in 2016 to care for the mental and physical wellbeing of those whose working hours are longer. If abnormal conditions are found during the interviews, immediate assistance is offered. Furthermore, if a certain department is found to have longer working hours during these interviews, we can undertake department-based caring processes to achieve individual- and organization-based comprehensive assistance.

9. Supervisor Sensitivity Training

Because our workforce has largely expanded in recent years and we have several new supervisors in terms of organizational structuring, we hosted five sessions of "supervisor sensitivity training" in 2015 to enhance the supervisors' capability to manage and care about their employees. This training was made mandatory for supervisors of all ranks to enhance their sensitivity towards recognizing abnormal signs in employees and detect problems early to offer timely assistance and refer the problem to other appropriate offices.

10. Family Assistance Network

Not only is MediaTek focused on caring for our employees, but we also care about employees' families. Each MediaTek employee and his/her children are valued because family is the spiritual support of our employees; hence, MediaTek has extended Company resources to family caring and offers an online platform for family members to exchange daily information, childcare experiences, local medical resources, and academic information. 

We wish to strengthen the family members' acknowledgment of MediaTek and for them to become more cohesive, so that our employees do not need to worry about their families while at work. Presently, the platform has been utilized 11,230 times, and MediaTek will continue to offer various activities and information regarding improving parent–child relationships on the online platform. 

In addition, to respond to the fact that social media has become a mainstream channel of communication, families of our employees have also proactively formed a Family Network on Facebook. Currently, a total of 322 family members have joined the group and are committed to sharing parent– child interactions and the latest updates on activities and information.