7 reasons the Helio P35 should power your next smartphone

Dec 26, 2018
Helio P35

Reason 1: Super cameras

The MediaTek Helio P series focuses on providing the best-in-class camera hardware, and the P35 is no exception.

Dual camera arrays of up to 13+8MP are supported, with popular depth of field/bokeh photography that can give stunning, professional-styled portraits. Alternatively, a single camera up to 21MP could be chosen instead, which is now a frequent choice by smartphone designers for the front-facing camera, allowing super-sized selfies.

However, it's more than just mega-pixels; the essential hardware behind the camera that makes a big difference. Automatic enhancements minimize aliasing, grain, and provide defect/distortion correction techniques without needing user interaction. In addition, MediaTek’s Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and Rolling Shutter Compensation (RSC) are combined to cleverly mitigate warped (‘jello effect’) video when capturing fast action or if you are panning across a scene.

Reason 2: Edge-AI & MediaTek NeuroPilot

The AI revolution is in full stride, and here the MediaTek Helio P35 supports intuitive, light AI-enhancements such as Face ID, Smart Photo Album, simulated depth of field, and much more thanks to the creativity and diversity of the Android marketplace.

For these smartphone brands and app developers, MediaTek NeuroPilot provides the best possible ecosystem for adding AI-enhancements to OS and apps, by providing close-to-metal efficiency, supporting common AI frameworks and providing compliance with Android Neural Networks API (Android NNAPI).

Reason 3: Fast & Efficient

Eight Arm Cortex-A53 cores are clocked up to a fast 2.3GHz giving plenty of single and multi-threading performance, without high power use. Paired with the latest IMG PowerVR GE8320 GPU and a fast LPDDR4x memory controller it altogether provides a powerful combination of high-performance hardware in a single chip.

The entire SoC is then built on a 12nm process: one of the most advanced and low-power available. The thickness of a human hair is a 7,000nm so you can just imagine how small 12nm is! This innovative manufacturing process delivers up to 9 percent lower power use than previous generation of 16nm products, and up to 15 percent lower power than equivalent 14nm products.

Reason 4: CorePilot

MediaTek CorePilot is another breakthrough of performance and power management that’s now in its fourth generation. With a focus on sustainable, high-performance you can expect an unrivaled user experience on your smartphone. CorePilot is a whole suite of advances — including UX monitoring, task scheduling, and power-performance optimization. Together, they deliver capabilities that exceed expectations, however you use your versatile phone — from simplified, convenient browsing to intensely competitive gaming sessions.

Reason 5: Carrier flexibility from dual 4G SIM (Dual VoLTE)

Having both SIM cards 4G capable is a necessity in many ways you may not be aware of. Firstly, dual 4G SIM gives you flexibility to choose which carrier you want to use for calls or data, and you'll always get the fastest data speeds. As some operators are 4G-only, it’s a future-proof investment to maximize choice, and with limited data packages, sometimes having a backup is essential to avoid running out when you need it most.

Secondly, the call quality of VoLTE (voice over LTE) and ViLTE (face-to-face video over LTE) are significantly better, and call setup time is noticeably faster. Finally, 4G LTE enables faster connectivity, more reliable coverage, and lower power consumption than previous generations.

Reason 6: The latest cellular technologies

MediaTek’s 4G LTE WorldMode modem technology merges performance, power efficiency and connection reliability.

There's a keen eye on consumer needs and maximizing the experience, where peak speeds offer less user experience benefit versus a focus on connection reliability, power efficiency and support for the latest industry specifications and features from global cellular operators.

Advanced IMS (VoLTE\ViLTE\VoWi-Fi) is now supported by over 150 cellular operators worldwide, global eMBMS, breakthrough High-Performance User Equipment (HPUE) and 600MHz (Band 71) frequency are all supported. All these improve the user experience, with greater connection reliability no matter where you travel, and power-efficiency for better battery life.

Reason 7: Smart Antenna technology (TAS 2.0)

MediaTek's second-generation smart antenna technology (TAS 2.0) automatically detects and chooses the ideal best antenna to use no matter how or where you hold it, or which direction you face. TAS 2.0 optimizes the signal for quality and connection reliability. With less signal boosting required, you reduce power usage, conserving power and bettering battery life.

Learn more about the MediaTek Helio P35.

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