8 best features of the MediaTek Dimensity 930

8 best features of the MediaTek Dimensity 930

Jun 17, 2022

The MediaTek Dimensity 930 is designed to capture every detail with its advanced Imagiq camera technologies, powerful MiraVision video processing, and HyperEngine gaming enhancements. With high speed 5G integrated into the chip, it lets you download faster and go further, all with exceptional power efficiency.

Capture your best adventures

Take photos day or night, and benefit from in-built noise reduction engines for photography and videography that ensures low-light capture is always clear and captivating. The Dimensity 930 captures low-light pictures up to 27% faster than last generation Dimensity chips, while its autofocus engine can react to the entire field of view, rather just than a spot in the middle. Your favorite brands can design smartphones with up to 108MP cameras, giving you the opportunity to snap the biggest pictures with incredible details. Smartphone designs can mix these large megapixel main cameras with several others that offer specialist modes like macro, mono, wide/ultra-wide or zoom, giving you great choices to grab every moment.

High Speed 5G Everywhere

The Dimensity 930 gives you faster speeds with greater reach. Its 5G modem provides 2CC carrier aggregation that can address an extended 120MHz of spectrum across both mid-band TDD and low-band FDD connections for greater speed, coverage and connection reliability. MediaTek 5G UltraSave power savings are also built into the modem to ensure even these super speeds don’t adversely drain your battery life.

More Battery, More Fun

Using an advanced 6nm chip making process means the Dimensity 930 sips on power, maximizing the battery life of your new smartphone.

Dual 5G SIM (5G SA + 5G SA)

Continuing MediaTek’s dual SIM leadership, the Dimensity 930 features dual 5G SIM, giving more choice, seamless performance (from 5G Standalone connections) and access to the latest VoNR services from both connections.

Superfast 120Hz Displays

Upgrading from an older 60Hz smartphone to one with a superfast 120Hz display cuts motion blur, improves response times and shows notably smoother scrolling of webpages and animations in apps. The Dimensity 930 provides brands with a great opportunity to make premium feeling smartphones with Full HD+ displays that react lightning fast.

The Performance for Snappier Apps, and Great Gaming

The Dimensity 930 builds in a pair of Arm Cortex-A78 CPU cores, with speeds of up to 2.2GHz in its octa-core CPU. This is partnered with the latest IMG BXM-8-256 graphics engine, and combined with ultra-fast LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 storage, giving Dimensity 930 smartphones that ‘always fast’ feeling in apps, games and in other connected experiences.

MediaTek HyperEngine 3.0 Lite

With our HyperEngine 3.0 gaming technologies, gamers get better networking and longer gameplay thanks to a 3rd generation Networking Engine and Intelligent Resource Management Engine that provide optimized 5G and Wi-Fi connectivity, and as well as specific power savings in high FPS scenarios to extend the playtime as much as possible.

MediaTek MiraVision Enhanced Video Playback

Building on our long expertise in media processing and display-centric devices, whether you're streaming video from online or watching from in-phone storage, MediaTek MiraVision can enhance video content in real-time to bring cinema-style experiences to the small screen. For streaming video, the Dimensity 930’s Smart Contrast and Local Tone Mapping (SCLTM) engine intelligently adjusts the video stream for best visual results.

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