9 best features of the MediaTek Kompanio 900T

Sep 20, 2021
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Do you need responsive multi-tasking? A fast display for gaming? Your streaming movies in HDR? 5G connectivity in a tablet? Tons of battery life? Well the MediaTek Kompanio 900T might just be the best chip for your next handy, mobile companion. Take a look at its top features below:

1) Oodles of Performance

The Kompanio 900T features a pair of the latest ‘big’ Arm Cortex-A78 cores in its octa-core CPU, boosting them up to a speedy 2.4GHz. In addition, its quad-core Mali-G68 GPU offers great graphics performance while also being light on battery.

2) Video playback enhancements by MiraVision HDR

MiraVision HDR boosts the quality of video playback with intelligent technologies that work automatically behind the scenes. Device makers can opt to use MiraVision’s HDR Composer that converts SDR streams to HDR in real-timem, while HDR10 media can be upgraded to approach HDR10+ in real-time as MiraVision adds dynamic per-frame metadata, and even premium HDR10+ video can be upgraded with sub-frame luminance nuances in brightness.

3) Super-fast 2K Displays

120Hz displays provide an immediately noticeable user experience upgrade, whether it’s the zero-blur gaming, the smoother scrolling of webpages, or more immediate on-screen reaction to stylus and touch input. Device makers can create products with crisp, high resolution 2K (2000x1200) displays and ultra-fast responsiveness that’s great for a wide range of daily uses.

4) Exceptionally Power-efficient Connectivity

Both the 5G modem and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity engines are built into the Kompanio chip for optimum power efficiency at the silicon level. For 5G, MediaTek goes even further with its suite of 5G UltraSave technologies that further power savings in everyday use.

5) Faster Wi-Fi 6

The Kompanio 900T offers the capacity for Wi-Fi 6 with 2x2 antenna, so when paired with similarly capable Wi-Fi 6 access point it creates the opportunity for better connection quality, lower latencies and faster data throughput.

6) 5G that goes further

The highly advanced, in-chip 5G modem can use up to 2CC carrier aggregation covering an extended 120MHz spectrum where available. 5G connections reach even further with carriers that support mixed duplex FDD+TDD carrier aggregation.

7) True Dual 5G SIM (Standalone + Standalone)

True dual 5G SIM means it can connect to two 5G standalone networks simultaneously, going beyond others that are usually limited to just one of the two connections only. As 5G carriers roll out standalone services globally this future-proof technology is a great investment.

8) Ultra-efficient '6nm' chip

The Kompanio 900T is manufactured using the latest TSMC N6 '6nm' process. Created using smaller, more power-efficient transistors than most other chip-making processes, the all-in-one chip can run its powerful technologies longer than ever, maximizing the time between battery charges.

9) One chip for many designs

Android tablet products have evolved beyond the pad into many new designs that can now flip, fold and even detach. Device makers are now frequently creating novel products geared specifically towards particular uses like streaming entertainment, productivity, stylus creativity, online education, industrial uses or even gaming and game streaming. To address this need, the Kompanio 900T is highly flexible and can partner with either LPDDR5 or LPDDR4X memory and UFS 3.1 or UFS 2.2 storage to meet the wide range of market performance expectations and price points.

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