91Mobiles interview's MediaTek VP, Finbarr Moynihan

Mar 5, 2024
91mobiles interview finbarr

The team at 91Mobiles dived into a detailed discussion with MediaTek VP, Finbarr Moynihan, and got to understand how the company is tackling generative AI, the difference between edge, hybrid and cloud approaches and how it and its partners are working to benefit real-world applications.

Q: For the consumers, can you shed light on some real-world applications where AI will benefit them?

Dr Finbarr: The real-world applications of AI are tremendous. Those who love shopping can enjoy more personalised shopping recommendations with AI assistants as well as better fraud prevention. The Education sector can see an increase in productivity among faculties and help them concentrate more on students than office or administration work. It can also be used to digitise content such as video lectures, conferences and textbook guides. Students can also get a more personalised learning experience based on their needs.

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