Active Stereo Camera 3D Sensing Reference Design for Android Smartphones

Sep 10, 2018
Active Stereo Camera 3D Sensing Reference Design for Android Smartphones

Facial recognition technology for device unlocking, photography, video or other uses in apps has become a key demand in modern smartphones.

MediaTek, in conjunction with Himax and Magvii, has created the industry's first Active Stereo Camera (ASC) 3D sensing reference platform. It enables a low-cost platform for Android smartphone developers to embrace, giving them secure facial recognition technology for applications such as online payments.

Whereas 3D Structured Light combines optical and IR components, The ASC 3D employs the power of MediaTek's integrated hardware depth sensing engine (in products such as MediaTek Helio 60), Himax's cutting-edge projector, sensor and laser driver and Megvii's Face++ AI-based computer vision algorithm (which can also use MediaTek NeuroPilot technology to accelerate its AI algorithms). Altogether this platform can accurately identify a human face with a very fast response.

By creating a platform everyone can use, MediaTek and partners are encouraging device makers use this highly secure and user convenient facial recognition technology in the widest range of smartphones and global markets.

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