Android Authority awards Helio P60 best of MWC

Mar 5, 2018
Android Authority Best Mwc Helio P60

Top smartphone site, Android Authority, lays down the law on the best tech from this year’s Mobile World Congress. Among the winners – and the only chip - is the Helio P60. The team commend our Everyday Genius modus operandi of bringing great tech, such as AI, into the reach of everyone:

If you think you need to buy a $500+ flagship smartphone to get machine learning features, think again.

The Helio P60 is MediaTek’s most notable release in a long time. Bringing dedicated machine learning hardware to a more affordable price point and new markets is an important step in the push toward ubiquity.

Best of all, it will open up new features ranging from facial recognition through to real-time translation and enhanced imaging processing without having to buy a $1,000 smartphone. We should start seeing new phones powered by the Helio P60 in Q2 2018, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Read the full Android Authority article to see all the winners, and head over here for deeper info on all the Helio P60 specs and features.

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