Android Authority explains 5G+5G dual SIM technology

Android Authority explains 5G+5G dual SIM technology

Jul 18, 2020 - 7:30 AM - Technology

Android Authority has posted an explainer on 5G+5G dual SIM technology, noting that MediaTek is first to market with the Dimensity 1000 Series and 820 smartphone chips. The Redmi 10X series - shown above - features the Dimensity 820 and is one of the first to market with this capability.

Dual SIM capability is a technology leadership MediaTek has sustained every generation since 2008.

5G+5G dual SIM offers significant advantages as 5G stand-alone services are now being rolled out in global markets, allowing VoNR (voice over new radio) and ViNR (video over new radio) services from either SIM to give users better consumer choice and premium speeds from either SIM slot. With the Dimensity series you get future-proofing that represents a sound investment when buying premium and flagship-grade smartphones today - you wouldn't want to be left without it!

"Dual SIM technology is expected in many phones these days, owing to its sheer variety of use cases. A dual SIM phone allows you to easily take advantage of data/texting/calling promotions on various networks, it lets you use a foreign SIM when traveling without having to give up your local SIM, and you can have separate business/personal numbers on one phone.

MediaTek fired off the first shot by supporting 5G+5G dual-SIM on its Dimensity 1000/1000 Plus flagship silicon as well as the Dimensity 820 chipset."

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