Android Guys discover the benefits of MediaTek Helio

Apr 19, 2019

Android Guys got their hands on a few smartphones that use MediaTek Helio P60 and P70 inside, and - surprise! - they're really good! In their new editorial titled "My MediaTek Misconception" they detail their thoughts and experiences.

"While I do write about phones pretty frequently, I don’t often play around with phones running MediaTek chips. My experience comes with a few of the more inexpensive devices I’ve played with throughout my years."

The results of using the latest phones from top designers such as Oppo, Realme and Panasonic provided them with a refreshed insight and appreciation of what our latest technologies provide users:

"Now that our expectations are properly set, how did I find my time with the phones? Well, I went into this thinking that there was no way I would enjoy my time, but I really did. Yes, the phones do lag behind flagships, but not by much. And once I really used the phones for extended periods of time, I found no real difference between them and devices running midrange Qualcomm chips."

Read the full editorial at Android Guys

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