Arm, MediaTek and Advantech are delivering disruptive solutions for high-end IoT markets

Aug 26, 2022
Arm, MediaTek and Advantech are delivering disruptive solutions for high-end IoT markets

A recent Arm blog is discussing how MediaTek Genio, Arm and Advantech are collaborating to bring disruptive new solutions into high-end IoT markets.

Just like the highly advanced 5G smartphone chips MediaTek also makes, high-end IoT products are defined by a continuous push for more performance and efficiency at the edge. IoT chips are integrating ever more alongside advanced technologies like AI engines, image processing, computer vision (CV) and new connectivity features that can be tailored for power efficiency or high throughput. Moreover, single board computers (SBCs) for the high-end IoT market are ripe for disruptive forces, with evolving compute requirements in a market that has remained fairly static in recent years. MediaTek Genio is now invigorating this with a range of powerful and highly flexible new platforms that are aligned with industry standards defined by Arm's Project Cassini.

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Advantech RSB-3810, powered by MediaTek Genio 1200

The partnership for Genio 1200 went beyond just MediaTek and Arm. Advantech – a leading IoT company across intelligent systems, embedded computing and systems and industrial computing – has already deployed the Genio 1200 chip on its RSB-3810 SBC that targets all industrial IoT applications, but particularly vision-based applications. The company has specialist knowledge of industrial computers and uses its expertise to create compelling products across IoT markets.

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