Digitimes ​Q&A with MediaTek president Joe Chen​

Mar 8, 2018
Digitimes ​Q&A with MediaTek president Joe Chen​

In a recent interview by Digitimes, MediaTek President, Joe Chen, has talked about company's goals, how MediaTek will continue to improve its gross margin, smartphone market growth drivers and how it will gradually restore its smartphone market share during 2018.

Q: As MediaTek's new president, what's your short-term, mid-term and long-term goals for the company?

A: MediaTek's short-term goal is to get the company back on the growth track in terms of revenues, gross margin and profits. We stay focused on our handset SoC portfolio which will be enhanced further to include solutions for smartphones that come with more new features, and 5G devices.

MediaTek is gearing up for the new generation of mobile technology. We are engaged in the development of 5G solutions, which will be ready for customer roll-outs of new products by 2020. Meanwhile, MediaTek has put increased focus on the quality rather than quantity regarding our solutions for 4G smartphones, which continue to come with innovative built-in features. We believe the efforts will gradually help improve the company's gross margin and restore our lost share of the smartphone SoC market.

In addition, MediaTek has stepped up efforts to diversify its offerings to include those for voice-assistant devices, smart home devices and IoT-related applications. In the mid-term, we want to expand our target markets with key technologies extended from our existing Wi-Fi technology assets.

As for our long-term recovery strategy, MediaTek is exploring new products and market opportunities to drive our business growth five years from now. Automotive electronics will be the next first target of MediaTek with regards to its long-term business growth. Applications including unmanned vehicles and autonomous driving have already drawn our interest.

Besides, MediaTek has in recent years developed its ASIC business which could be another driver of the company's future growth.

Read the full interview at Digitimes.

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