ElliQ 3.0, by Intuition Robitics, powered by MediaTek AI chip

Jan 11, 2024
ElliQ 3.0, by Intuition Robitics, powered by MediaTek AI chip

ElliQ, which has redefined how seniors experience social connectedness, healthier living, and independence, has announced ElliQ 3.0, which represents a significant leap forward in generative AI capabilities for Intuition Robotics, allowing the high-growth company to expand both how available and accessible it is to older adults and the ways in which ElliQ enhances their lives.

ElliQ 3.0 features a series of hardware enhancements, including a significant upgrade to the system architecture, which now leverages a new 8 core + AI chip SoC, powered by MediaTek. This new chip offers twice the processing cores, plus support for more memory, which all contribute to improved stability and performance - making ElliQ even more powerful and user-friendly.

Learn more about ElliQ and ElliQ 3.0.

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