Google & MediaTek are partnering on AR and Lens visual search

Dec 17, 2018

MediaTek and Google are collaborating to bring Google AR and Lens visual search tool to MediaTek Helio P90-powered smartphones. MediaTek has worked closely with Google to pre-test ARCore on its Helio P90 chipset to provide OEMs, developers and users a superior experience.

The P90 sets itself apart due to its incredibly powerful AI hardware (APU 2.0), enabling developers and smartphone designers to build new experiences never before possible. The P90 was built to optimize processor performance for a more sustainable user experience, even during power-intensive tasks like AR applications that require a mix of CPU, GPU, AI, storage and camera all working together seamlessly.

ARCore brings powerful Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities to Android smartphones, so developers can build captivating mobile AR experiences that transform the way people play, shop, learn, create and experience the world together. MediaTek also optimized the Helio P90 camera software performance to support Google Lens, which lets you search what you see, get stuff done faster, and interact with the world around you.

Our job is to help device makers get AR and Lens devices to market faster by providing a turnkey reference design, robust software support, and certification assistance based on their unique needs.

MediaTek will support ARCore and Google Lens on Helio P90 beginning in Q4 2018 for devices built to run the latest Android software, Android Pie. MediaTek will be extending support for ARCore and Google Lens to other chipsets in its Helio portfolio in 2019.

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