Highlights from the MediaTek Executive Summit 2022

Dec 9, 2022

MediaTek is committed to delivering incredible experiences, whether we’re bringing consumers cutting-edge features for their favorite gadgets or putting on a great event. We recently hosted our 2022 MediaTek Executive Summit to launch new products, talk about MediaTek’s vision for the future of technology, and create memories in the beautiful backdrop of Sonoma, Calif.

To get a pulse on the event, Isla from MediaTek’s Powered by with Isla series interviewed a number of guests at our event to get their thoughts on MediaTek’s latest innovations, place in the industry (hint: we’re No. 1 in a ton of segments!), and what MediaTek-powered devices they like the best.

There is no doubt, MediaTek’s new Dimensity 9200 5G chipset made a big splash in the news cycle, accelerating MediaTek’s big ambitions for the flagship market. At the event we talked about how Dimensity 9200 powered smartphones will give consumers a major performance upgrade, better power efficiency, awesome camera features and much more. As Michael Josh Villanueva of GadgetMatch put it, devices powered by Dimensity 9200 are “going to be amazing.”

In addition to talking about our advanced smartphone innovations at the Summit, MediaTek showcased our leadership in connectivity. We launched the MediaTek T800 to bring unparalleled 5G experiences beyond smartphones, hosted a panel on 5G with executives from Intel, MediaTek, Nvidia and T-Mobile, and showed off Wi-Fi 7 demos. Jesse Hollington at Digital Tends summed it up perfectly: “MediaTek is on a roll again with a series of impressive chipsets that promise to revolutionize 5G technology from several angles, including taking it beyond smartphones to devices like fixed wireless 5G routers, mobile hotspots, vehicles, and smart home devices.”

With our legacy in the home entertainment space, it’s no surprise that talking about our latest smart TV technologies was a key topic at the event. Smart TVs are truly the hub of the smart home, so we’re always working hard to up your entertainment game – just look at our new Pentonic 1000 chipset which will bring powerful display, audio, AI, broadcasting and connectivity upgrades to your living room. Not to mention that we’re all about solving problems, which is why Tom Honeyands (also known as The Tech Chap) is thrilled to see how the Pentonic 1000 will help improve lag.

Chromebooks have continued to be a hot topic over the past few years with hybrid and remote work and learning, so we rolled out our new Kompanio 520 and Kompanio 528 chipsets for entry-level Chromebooks. After all, speedy performance and all-day battery life doesn’t have to come with a big price tag.

Watch the video below to see the Summit in action:

Delivering industry-leading technology is what we do, but what really drives MediaTek are the people behind the company and everyone – from press to consumers to our customers – who are talking about us and telling our story. The video below captures some of the press who attended our Summit, showcasing the great group of people who were with us in Sonoma. As reporter Basil Kronfli told us, a highlight of his experience was the people he met along the way, since he would “genuinely just choose to be friends with” the MediaTek employees he met at our event and has gotten to know over the years.

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