Here's how MediaTek is embracing 5G and the Internet of Everything

Aug 26, 2019

Embracing 5G through multi-industry integration

The 2019 GTI International Industry Summit was recently held during MWC Shanghai. At the event, MediaTek Chairman, Mr. Ming-Kai Tsai, delivered a speech on the theme of “Empowering the 5G Ecosystem through a System-on-Chip”. In it, he reviewed the evolution of mobile communications, exhorted the importance of SoC products in the 5G ecosystem and expanded on a future that MediaTek is helping to create.

A brief history of mobile communications

When wireless communications first launched, the first and second generations were almost purely for communication purposes; advancing the technology from analog to digital and seeing the advent of the early mobile web. In the 3G-era mobile data began to have meaning as people began to quickly see the advantage of services such as the internet, maps, GPS and social media on the move. In the last decade the 4G era ushered us into a world that’s comprehensively mobile-first, with billions of devices in the hands of global users.

5G builds on the global mobile-first ecosystem with three new categories of data communication: enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), large-scale machine communication (mMTC), and low latency high reliability (uRLLC). 5G’s application aware networking will tap these communication standards to provide a more appropriate connection performance, giving the opportunity for new services, more reliable connections and better experiences. Reflecting on this, in his speech, Mr. Ming-Kai Tsai stated 2019 is a crucial year for 5G to make the transition out of the laboratory and into service.

Creating of the industry's first high performance, low power 5G SoC for smartphones

The technologies that make the physical chip is evolving in-step with each wireless mobile communication generation; from the early 75μm to the most advanced 7nm today, which the upcoming MediaTek 5G SoC uses. This leading fabrication process provides higher performance, lower power consumption and incredibly advanced integration.

MediaTek’s new 5G SoC integrates its Helio M70 5G modem IP, dedicated AI accelerators and the very latest CPU and GPU technologies. This SoC will be sent to key customers in the third quarter this year, with the first smartphones using the chip hitting the market in the first quarter of 2020.

Advanced SoC’s empower new applications

MediaTek is today designing SoC’s that integrate new technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and powerful edge computing. This will empower diversified 5G applications to create a new ecosystem that spans across industries.

Principally, the “SoC” is an important cornerstone in the Cloud service ecosystem. Integration will bring a richer interactive experience and more practical functions to mobile communications, the smart home, in-vehicle networking, (AI+) IoT, and an accelerated roll-out of the Internet of Everything. MediaTek already works in all these industry verticals and will integrate its leading 5G technologies into upcoming SoCs that support the 5G ecosystem.

Following the recent announcement of our S900 chip, MediaTek will continue the vigorous development of 8K Smart TV with integrated AI. It will develop products for AR/VR equipment, accelerate our in-vehicle networking, and provide platforms for smart factories and smart cities. By working together with industry chain partners, we are creating a 5G+IoT ecosystem to empower the next wave of industry to continue the rapid development of the digital economy.

The "SoC" helps 5G popularization

In the 5G “Internet of Everything” era, MediaTek aims to make its products empower people globally through our “3A” concept of “Accessible, Affordable and Available”, which helps bring us towards our goal of connecting the next billion people.

MediaTek is committed to enabling all things that enhance and enrich the lives of all people. We're changing the way people connection to others and to things around them, so that everyone can benefit from the opportunities brought about by technological innovation.

In this way, 5G will open new platforms for innovation and create opportunities to make the connected world smarter, safer and improve the standard of living. MediaTek will continue to actively cooperate with the industry to promote 5G technologies and the rapid popularization of 5G applications.

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