ISSCC Plenary Session: Dr. Lawrence Loh presents MediaTek's IoT vision

May 20, 2020
ISSCC Plenary Session: Dr. Lawrence Loh presents MediaTek's IoT vision

In a keynote speech at ISSCC 2020, MediaTek Corporate SVP, Dr. Lawrence Loh, presented the company's IoT vision “Fertilizing IoT from Roots to Leaves”

MediaTek was honored with 11 papers published at ISSCC 2020, which covered an incredibly wide range of topics including 5G, Wi-Fi, AI, Data-Center Ethernet, biosensors, image processing, power management and SoC implementation.

  • Paper 1.2 “Fertilizing IoT from Roots to Leaves” (Keynote Speech)
  • Paper 2.5 “A 7nm FinFET 2.5GHz / 2.0 GHz Dual-Gear, Octa-Core CPU Subsystem with Power/Performance Enhancements for a Fully Integrated 5G Smartphone SoC”
  • Paper 6.2 “A 460mW 112Gbps DSP-Based Transceiver with 38dB Loss Compensation for Next-Generation Data Centers in 7nm FinFET technology”
  • Paper 7.1 “A 3.4-to-13.3TOPS/W, 3.6TOPS Dual Core Deep Learning Accelerator for Versatile AI Applications in 7nm 5G Smartphone SoC”
  • Paper 9.1 “A Current-Sensing Front-End Realized by A Continuous-Time Incremental ADC with 12b SAR Quantizer and Reset-Then-Open Resistive DAC Achieving 140dB DR and 8ppm INL at 4kS/s”
  • Paper 10.3 “A 12nm CMOS RF Transceiver Supporting 4G/5G UL MIMO”
  • Paper 10.4 “A 4x4 Dual-Band Dual-Concurrent WiFi 802.11ax Transceiver with Integrated LNA, PA and T/R Switch Achieving +20dBm 1024QAM MCS11 Pout and -43dB EVM floor in 55nm CMOS”
  • Paper 10.6 “A 4G/5G Cellular Transmitter in 12nm FinFET with Harmonic Rejection”
  • Paper 18.1 (as MediaTek subsidiary, RichTek) “ZVS flyback converter ICs optimizing USB power deliver for fast charging mobile devices to achieve 93.5% efficiency”
  • Paper 23.1 “A 5.69mm2 0.98nJ/pixel image processing SoC with 24-bit high-dynamic-range and multiple sensor format support for automotive applications”
  • Paper 26.1 “A 4.5mm2 Multi-Modal Biosensing SoC for PPG, ECG, BIOZ, and GSR Acquisition in Consumer Wearable Devices”

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