Keeping People Connected, One MediaTek Kompanio-Powered Chromebook at a Time

May 10, 2021
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Exec Talk with PC Tseng, General Manager of Intelligent Multimedia Business Unit

As this past year has forced us to keep our physical distance from one another, staying connected has never been more important. During the COVID-19 pandemic many enterprises went remote, schools turned to virtual learning and people began to stay at home more in general. Technology has given people the opportunity to continue to work, learn and stay in touch with family and friends as we’ve discovered new routines.

Having cutting-edge technology at your fingertips has become a necessity to tackle everyday responsibilities – from remote work to virtual learning. Consumers want devices that offer reliable connectivity and battery life, in addition to the performance needed for simultaneous productivity, video conferencing, streaming, entertainment and beyond.

The good news is that accessing the latest devices and powerful features doesn’t have to come with a premium price tag. MediaTek Kompanio-powered Chromebooks are available at a range of accessible price points, so users don’t have to sacrifice reliability, great performance or the latest technologies. This accessibility has the potential to change lives, bridging the technological divide and ensuring students from all walks of life have the resources they need in school and beyond.

Google recently announced that more than 40 million students and educators around the world are using Chromebooks – a number that has continued to skyrocket. Companies like Google and HP are investing heavily in digital initiatives, such as a focus on social programs in India. Their investments in education, healthcare and other critical services underscores how technology will continue to play a fundamental role in driving positive societal change by empowering the next generation with the digital tools they need to learn, discover and make an impact.

MediaTek is well positioned to meet this demand with our core mission to make great technology accessible to everyone. Delivering power-efficient, high-performance chipsets specifically designed for Chromebooks was a logical step for MediaTek. The power-efficient MediaTek Kompanio 500 (MT8183) chipset that combined eight CPU cores, and integrated graphics set the foundation, but MediaTek didn’t stop there. The faster, more capable and more power-efficient MediaTek Kompanio 820 (MT8192) and MediaTek Kompanio 1200 (MT8195) will soon be powering some of the biggest Chromebook brands. MediaTek already powers a number of Chromebooks – which come in a number of sleek form factors, like the 2-in-1 Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook – and we look forward to giving consumers even more options.

Here’s why people around the world rely on Chromebooks and why Chromebook chipsets are a key part of MediaTek’s business:

  • Accessible for consumers: For under $300 on average, users can choose from some of the world’s best slim and ultra-portable laptops from popular brands like Acer, HP, Lenovo and ASUS. And once they choose the perfect laptop, consumers don’t have to go far to pick them up as most are available through major retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart.
  • Extended battery life: MediaTek’s Chromebook chipsets are built to perform without draining battery life. Each chipset combines a powerful octa-core CPU, GPU and AI processing unit (APU) to deliver a premium experience so users can enjoy the latest entertainment content for hours on end.
  • Powerful AI features: Thanks to the high performance AI processing capabilities built-in to MediaTek chipsets, Chromebooks can enable voice ID recognition and voice control, speech and image recognition, speech to text, live translation, facial recognition, object recognition, background removal, low-light noise reduction, image and video segmentation and gesture control, all in real-time
  • Enhanced gaming and streaming: MediaTek’s latest chipsets ensure gamers can enjoy fun games or the latest blockbuster titles using Google’s Stadia streaming gaming service. MediaTek provides a reliable connection, fast response times and long battery life so you can keep playing your favorite titles.
  • Advanced security: MediaTek and Google actively collaborate to provide a secure platform for users, including a built-in security that encrypts sensitive data from bad actors and prying eyes.

MediaTek Kompanio-powered Chromebooks offer the ideal combination of performance, power efficiency and cutting-edge features whether it’s for the classroom, work or the smart home. While we may be physically distant from one another for now, MediaTek is and will continue to power a more connected world.

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