Keysight and MediaTek affirm M80 modem 3GPP Release 16 validation

May 6, 2021
Keysight and MediaTek affirm M80 modem 3GPP Release 16 validation

MediaTek used Keysight Technologies’ integrated 5G test solutions to validate its latest M80 5G modem to 3GPP release 16 (Rel-16) specifications. Using Keysight’s 5G platform, the MediaTek M80 verified features such as frequency range 1 and frequency range 2 carrier aggregation, (FR1+FR2 NR-CA), 5G Standalone dual connectivity (FR1+FR2 NR-DC) and others, based on 3GPP release 16 (Rel-16) specifications.

3GPP Rel-16 enables 5G connectivity enhancements including increased coverage, capacity, mobility and reliability, as well as lower latency and potentially improved power efficiency. Shortly after the global standards organization 3GPP finalized the Rel-16 specifications, the two companies have worked together to achieve physical player interoperability development testing (IODT); a crucial step all products much achieve towards commercialization.

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3GPP Release 16 is the latest global cellular technology standard. Through this collaboration and other recent achievements, MediaTek has again successfully demonstrated the capability of its M80 modem that combines 5G sub-6GHz and mmWave connectivity into a single chip.

Other recent MediaTek M80 achievements:

The MediaTek M80 5G modem technology capabilities showcase industry-leadership:

  • Extreme performance through sub-6GHz (FR1) + mmWave (FR2) Dual Connectivity and Carrier Aggregation
  • Sustainable connections and fast speeds with FR1 FDD+TDD CA
  • Long-range FR1 FDD with dynamic spectrum sharing capability
  • 3GPP Release 16 standard compliance
  • Industry-leading power saving features in MediaTek 5G UltraSave
  • Comprehensive 2G-5G connectivity
  • 5G Standalone and Non-Standalone support

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