Lenovo Smart Display 7” with Google Assistant powered by MediaTek

Jul 14, 2020
Lenovo Smart Display 7” with Google Assistant powered by MediaTek

The latest Lenovo Smart Display 7 is powered by MediaTek MT8167S, a chip designed expressly for the smart home. With quad-core Arm Cortex-A35 processors and extensive audio processing capabilities it can easily handle multiple streams at high-quality and with incredible power efficiency.

As the name suggests, the 7-inch display easily fits on a table or shelf without taking up much space, while still offering a clear view and maximum feature set. Ultra compact and sleek, it has Google Assistant built-in allowing you to enjoy streamed music & videos; relive your favorite photos; check your commute, calendar, and the weather each morning, automatically; control your smart home, and more. The 5W stereo speaker inside can fill any room with crisp, clear sound, while the MT8167S provides reliable Wi-Fi 5 with 2X2 antennas.

With voice activation, you can pick up your best friend’s call even if your hands are covered in flour while cooking. What’s more, staying in touch with a loved one is as simple as saying their name — and the video-calling app Google Duo will work its magic. Lenovo Smart Display 7 also embraces user privacy and security with a TrueBlock Privacy Shutter and a microphone mute button, so you can physically close the camera and microphone, as and when you like.

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