Looking To the Future with Rich IoT

Jan 30, 2019
Looking To the Future with Rich IoT

With each New Year comes new technology. Across segments, an emphasis on user experience and automation influences the way we, as consumers, interact with technology and each other. While new developments continue to increase user expectations and consumer interests remain at the forefront of innovation, we look to the future and think about what we can expect from technology in 2019 in the home, mobile and automotive industries.

This is the first of a three part series on Technology Trends to Watch in 2019.

An intelligent home will be accessible (and usable) for all (Compelo, Tech Hive, Forbes, Vivint)

As displayed at Consumer Electronics Showcase (CES) 2019, smart home products have been a growing industry trend as of late, inciting anticipation and excitement in consumers and across the market. Instead of rolling out increasingly complex smart home products, companies are prioritizing accessibility across these new technologies, resulting in a smart home for all.

With universal accessibility at the forefront of smart home developments, products will become less technical yet more intelligent. The user friendliness of these devices will lead to increased adoption and continue as a widespread trend. But what does this mean for the consumer?

This segment, known as Rich IoT, will continue to grow in 2019 as users become even more accustomed to the inter-connectivity of their smart devices and rely on it daily. Storing information, playing music, using voice control to type messages – these actions and more are made possible through the integration and adoption of Rich IoT, and consumers have already shown their preference for (and addiction to) these capabilities.

In 2019, companies are prioritizing giving consumers the ability to access preferred content across the smart home market, and doing so with ease. Using multiple devices in tandem across a single platform eases communication processes and increases mobility, interoperability and accessibility. As AI is applied to and connects smart home devices to televisions, smartphones, speakers and beyond, consumers will be more connected than ever, and can live smarter in an easier fashion.

Some expect to see even more household technologies become connected via the IoT in 2019, such as smart refrigerators, washing machines, and even crockpots. The home is a strong area for smart devices to flourish as there are so many ways automation and connectivity can ostensibly improve the lives of homeowners.

Voice assistant technology will become the new norm. (Computer World, HubSpot)

According to HubSpot, 52% of respondents to a recent survey said they use voice assist on either a phone or a smart speaker. That same survey asked consumers about their use cases for voice assistant technology, and the responses were quite diverse. Some reported using it to shop, while others have used it to check the weather, traffic, news, or play music. Looking to 2019, this variety of capabilities will allow voice assistant technology to be integrated into all areas of our lives, making it difficult to live without. But with 45% of respondents still reporting that they have never used voice assistant technology, what does this show for the future of this technology?

Voice assistant technology is expected to take over the mobile space in 2019, with Amazon Alexa and other voice assistants becoming a main ecosystem for phone usage. A small step towards a dramatically improved user experience, voice assistant technology lets users operate their devices hands-free, when driving, multitasking and beyond. Technology within computer platforms will also shift towards this space with the intent of creating a more immersive and interactive experience for consumers. While these changes will not occur overnight, and is simply part of a long-term progression towards changes in UI; we can expect to see considerable growth in this area in the coming year.

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