MediaTek and ACCESS collaborate to bring Twine4Car to Dimensity Auto

Jan 15, 2024
MediaTek and ACCESS collaborate to bring Twine4Car to Dimensity Auto

MediaTek has collaborated with ACCESS to provide the automotive industry with an integrated solution that takes advantage of MediaTek’s MiraVision multiscreen entertainment sharing with a car-centric app store and in-car entertainment platform from ACCESS Twine™ For Car (Twine4Car). The comprehensive solution provides in-car entertainment for all passengers. The first demonstration of the partnership was exhibited at CES 2024.

The MediaTek Dimensity Auto platform (MT2715) provides high-performance heterogeneous computing for effective multitasking, including multiple video decode and concurrent display capability, and MediaTek MiraVision display and video image quality enhancements. The flexible solution allows a single video stream to be synced between all passengers, or allows each passenger to choose their entertainment.

“Together with ACCESS, we are empowering OEMs with everything needed to build advanced infotainment solutions for the next generation of connected cars,” said Ephrem Chemaly, General Manager and Vice President of the Automotive Business Unit at MediaTek. “ACCESS is an ideal launch partner for our IVI efforts, based on its years of experience providing technology and in-car entertainment options to some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers.”

Read more about the collaboration in the press release >

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