MediaTek and Ericsson set mmWave CA uplink speed record

Jul 22, 2021
MediaTek and Ericsson set mmWave CA uplink speed record

MediaTek and Ericsson set a new record together, achieving the fastest uplink speed on mmWave using carrier aggregation. The companies continue to harness the potential of 5G to achieve this top speed of nearly 500 megabits per second - double the current upload speeds and now the fastest recorded to date. The demo performed in June used a device enabled by the MediaTek M80 5G chipset, pre-commercial software and connected to an Ericsson RAN Compute baseband 6648 with the AIR 5331 millimeter wave radio.

The test, which focused on uplink carrier aggregation, is the first of its kind. It showed how this solution can help communications service providers deliver higher data rates and capacity for uplink applications such as user-initiated streaming (AR/VR) and content creation. Fast uplink performance means the user or subscriber does not have to be concerned with weak signals when video-conferencing on phones, for example.

“This world’s first demonstration of an industry-leading mmWave uplink technology in partnership with Ericsson, shows MediaTek is again establishing 5G milestones and pushing the envelope of its capabilities. 5G mmWave connectivity helps boost network coverage & capacity, faster performance and introduces more diverse use cases.” said JS Pan, General Manager of Wireless Communication System and Partnership at MediaTek.

The achievement follows other 5G tests this year that have affirmed MediaTek’s place as a 5G industry leader:

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  • MediaTek M80 Modem [video]

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