MediaTek and Microsoft accelerate the Internet of Things

Nov 15, 2019
Microsoft Azure Cert Iot Mediatek B

MediaTek and Microsoft are collaborating to accelerate the development of IoT solutions. MediaTek has joined ‘Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT’ program to ensure customers can develop new IoT solutions quickly with both hardware and software that has been pre-tested and verified to work with Microsoft Azure IoT services, ultimately resulting in faster time to market. This assurance helps to offset IoT project complexity and uncertainty, where customers can simply choosing and connecting the right set of devices, assets or sensors to the cloud.

MediaTek’s Rich IoT program, the i300B and its evaluation kit the Pumpkin i300 EVK, target a wide range of voice AI, embedded and industrial devices. Critically the platform has the long-term support required by these markets.

The chipsets supports both Android 9.0 and Yocto Linux OS; MediaTek has successfully completed Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT certification testing with Pumpkin i300 EVK using a Yocto Linux software build.

Capabilities enabled by MediaTek’s Rich IoT platform through Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT include:

  • Networking, i.e. access to cloud services from edge devices
  • Over-the-air (OTA) capability to upgrade client software in edge devices from the cloud
  • Extension of security services (authentication, audits, etc.) from cloud to edge

Learn more about this collaboration at Azure Certified for IoT and explore the Azure IoT Suite.

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