MediaTek and Orange collaborate on the Djingo Speaker

Jan 6, 2020
MediaTek and Orange collaborate on the Djingo Speaker

MediaTek's highly popular MT8516 voice assistant chip powers the latest Djingo Speaker, developed for Orange. The mini speaker was developed in collaboration with Arcadyan as the manufacturer and SoftAtHome as the software integrator. As the No. 1 chipset maker by sales volume for voice assistant devices, this design-win continues MediaTek’s leading position in powering the next wave of cutting-edge voice assistant devices.

The MT8516 is an integrated application platform with diverse interfaces and connectivity capabilities for advanced audio and microphone processing. It is designed for cloud-supported voice assistant devices, Google Cast for Audio and products integrated with MediaTek’s PowerAQ acoustic tuning tool. Thanks to the MT8516’s full set of features, the Djingo virtual assistant supports advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing, which enables the new mini speaker to offer a conversational interface to customers.

Due to its design simplicity, the MT8516 reduces time to market while minimizing platform size, enabling smaller, more efficient product designs. MediaTek’s PowerAQ tool provides an easy graphical user interface for signal flow design and audio parameter tuning, removing the need for an additional demand-side platform.

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