MediaTek and Samsung Electronics Achieve 5G 3Tx Uplink Breakthrough

Jul 7, 2023

MediaTek and Samsung have collaborated to achieve an industry-first three antenna transmission by combining 5G Standalone Uplink 2CC Carrier Aggregation with C-Band UL-MIMO. Current 5G modem product solutions only support up to two transmission antennas.

This achievement paves the way to improvements in upload experiences for users that require reliable, low-latency connections such as live-streaming, video conferencing, online multiplayer games, and for multiple users on the same connection in scenarios such as 5G CPE use.

The test was conducted in Samsung’s lab, based in Suwon, Korea. Samsung provided its industry-leading 5G network solutions, including its C-Band Massive MIMO radios, virtualized Distributed Unit (vDU), and core. The MediaTek test device featured its new M80-based CPE chipset connected to 1.9GHz and two 3.7GHz links in MIMO. A peak throughput data rate of 363Mbps was achieved; an uplink speed that is near the theoretical peak of this setup.

“Enhancing uplink performance using groundbreaking tri-antenna and 5G UL infrastructure technologies will ensure next-generation 5G experiences continue to impress users globally,” said HC Hwang, General Manager of Wireless Communication System and Partnership at MediaTek. “Our collaboration with Samsung has proved our combined technical capabilities to overcome previous limits, enhancing network performance and efficiency, opening up new possibilities for service providers and consumers to enjoy faster and more reliable 5G data connectivity.”

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