MediaTek and Sensory Collaborate on In-Vehicle Conversational AI Experiences

Jan 4, 2024
Dimensity auto sensory

Last year, we announced the MediaTek Dimensity Auto platform and began building our vision of the future of automotive. This began with our collaboration with Nvidia, and has grown throughout the year with other partnerships, another of which we’re announcing at CES 2024. As the era of intelligent, always-connected vehicles has arrived, we are an increasingly important participant in the industry’s technology innovations. One area in particular is generative AI, which is transforming the in-vehicle experience and helping to make our everyday drives and road trips safer, less stressful and more engaging, and even more entertaining.

As part of this vision, MediaTek began working with Sensory, an expert in AI for spoken natural language, to redefine the driving experience by bringing conversational experiences into vehicles. MediaTek will enable Sensory’s AI capabilities entirely at the edge through our Dimensity Auto platform and industry-leading LLM and generative AI technologies.

This complementary partnership between the two companies will make it possible to upgrade in-vehicle voice response, creating a safer alternative to using physical touchscreens, thus ensuring a driver's eyes remain on the road. The system offers a considerably faster response and a privacy-focused design compared to cloud-only voice assistant service alternatives. Together, Sensory and MediaTek plan to enable a complete, integrated solution for in-car speech technology that is unparalleled in the industry.

Sensory's natural language automotive commands are highly configurable and are available in over 40 languages, enabling automakers to tailor the in-vehicle experience to diverse global markets. In addition to voice, Sensory also provides facial and biometric identification that can be applied via in-vehicle cameras to ensure driver/user authentication and liveness with eye/gaze-tracking.

MediaTek will showcase two Sensory demos at CES 2024 powered by the MediaTek MT2715 Dimensity Auto infotainment platform; one showing Sensory’s complete automotive solution including wake word, STT, NLU and TTS, while the other will showcase Sensory’s STT with MediaTek’s LLM.

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