MediaTek at MWC 2024 - Booth Tour

Mar 8, 2024

In case you missed MediaTek at MWC 2024, here's a round up of everything from our booth:

World's First LoRA Fusion Demonstrations
MediaTek has raised the bar for on-device generative AI by being the first to implement LoRA Fusion on smartphones. Visitors experienced a series of world first Gen-AI demos, such as the very first Stable Diffusion XL and Stable Diffusion Video performed entirely on-device. Other examples at the show include flagship smartphones powered by the Dimensity 9300 that run their own generative AI application, such as AI Style Transfer on the vivo X100Pro, AI Eraser on the OPPO Find X7, and AI Image Expansion on the Redmi K70E.

MediaTek Dimensity Auto
MediaTek Dimensity Auto showcased collaboration with two partners: OpenSynergy, which promotes safety-first through virtualized operating systems within vehicles, and ACCESS, which provides multiscreen entertainment and interactivity services for complete in-vehicle entertainment. Dimensity Auto smart cockpit and infotainment platforms provide highly capable processing that can handle multiple operating systems, wireless connectivity feeds, multiple concurrent video playback, and even advanced 3D graphics and generative AI for the driver and passengers.

World's First Demonstration of Next-Gen Satellite Connectivity
Building on last year's milestone where MediaTek launched its first 3GPP standard satellite connectivity chip, this year the leadership was extended by unveiling the next-generation of satellite broadband connectivity. The MediaTek NR NTN device prototype - a world’s first - features innovative technology that can accurately track low Earth orbit satellites, compensating for all relative movement between the ground and space, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. This next-gen 5G Satellite broadband technology will propel users to achieve stable, secure, and seamless data streaming globally.

New 5G RedCap platforms
MediaTek has launched its new T300 chipset for 5G RedCap. This world’s first Modem-RF SoC is purpose-built to provide highly capable IoT connectivity while extending battery life. The live demo at MWC exhibited the power-efficiency benefits of MediaTek's 5G RedCap in a smartwatch.

New Technologies for 5G CPE
MediaTek is continuing to revolutionize its 5G CPE platforms for homes and businesses with an exclusive tri-antenna design that extends connectivity and enhances performance. In addition, its Low-Latency, Low-Loss, and Scalable Throughput (L4S) significantly reduces network delays and greatly improves the user experience compared to legacy designs.

Introducing Ambient Computing
Ambient Computing is a radical new concept where your devices seamlessly understand and adapt to your needs. By creating a virtual private network between home Wi-Fi and the 5G mobile devices, users can more effectively manage their smart home and IoT devices when travelling out the house, without requiring 3rd party services or apps, providing privacy, security, and eliminating additional service costs.

6G-era Technologies
MediaTek’s vision for the 6G era proposes a hybrid computing model that could aggregate all the computing power of personal devices at home - PCs, laptops etc - to enhance a smartphone's performance and capabilities while on the go.

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