MediaTek at MWC 2024 - Generative AI

Feb 28, 2024

MediaTek is demonstrating a wealth of industry-firsts in Generative AI at MWC 2024. These apps are performed entirely on the smartphone, demonstrating the extreme performance and capabilities of the flagship Dimensity 9300 which includes MediaTek's latest 7th generation AI processor:

  • Industry-first SDXL Turbo on device, exhibiting an on-device real-time text to image generator that instantly generates images of unparalleled quality in just a single step.
  • Industry-first Stable Diffusion Video generation on device, enabling fast image-to-video generation, capable of a range of animation styles.
  • Industry-first live demo of Low Rank Adaptation Fusion (LoRA Fusion) on device, which can address up to 33 billion parameters, while also reducing the storage cost of each generative AI app by up to 90%.
  • MediaTek has incorporated LoRA Fusion into its NeuroPilot AI software development platform to create NeuroPilot Fusion, enabling developers to tap the full power of the 7th Gen APU series to unleash previously unimaginable things on a smartphone, like creating animated avatars from a camera capture in real-time.

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