Be First to Market with MediaTek and GMS Express for Android Smartphones

Nov 2, 2017
Be First to Market with MediaTek and GMS Express for Android Smartphones

MediaTek has partnered with Google to offer the MediaTek GMS Express program for smartphone device designers and manufacturers. It pairs MediaTek turnkey platforms with approved Android software solutions — including Google Mobile Services (GMS) and Google Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) certification.

This means new smartphones can get to market faster and more cost effectively. It ensures a high-quality and consistent consumer experience when using the Android OS and its apps. The acceleration of product to market reduces the development and certification process from months to just weeks for GMS and Google’s CTS.

The GMS Express program also provides successive Android security patches faster, which means consumers - especially brand fans and Android enthusiasts - are confident and positive to the fact they’re getting a secure and up-to-date Android experience.

There program is already a success, with major brands and design houses and 100s of projects in-flight.

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