9 reasons you need the MediaTek Helio G90T in your next smartphone

Aug 5, 2019
Media Tek Helio G90 T

If you love gaming on the go, the new MediaTek Helio G90 series is setting the standard for supreme gaming experiences, incredible AI performance and super cameras in the New Premium market.

How does it achieve all this? Here's 9 reasons why you'll want one:

1. Premium CPU, GPU and ultra-fast memory

We've mixed a pair of the latest Arm Cortex-A76 cores and six Arm-Cortex-A55 cores together in an octa-core cluster with speeds boosted up to 2.05GHz. These tap a large L3 cache for improved performance, and the whole system can be paired to 10GB of LPDDR4X at up to 2133MHz (4266MHz effective) for plenty of memory bandwidth.

The Mali-G76 graphics core is the latest from Arm, and with speeds up to 800MHz you can play Fortnite, PUBG, or whatever your favorite go-to is, with smooth FPS and an ultra-fast response.

2. Up to 64MP AI-Camera

The G90 series is not just for gamers, it’s got great camera-creds as well. The G90T is the first chip to bring the latest 64MP 4-cell sensor cameras into your hand, so you can capture incredibly detailed photos or use our quad-pixel technology to take night-shots with the best low-light performance ever.

3. Go for choice with multi-camera smartphones

If you prefer to have many cameras just in case you need to capture different moments - maybe a wide-shot of friends or the scenery on holiday, zoom in and frame a shot from a distance or just perfect a portrait using a dedicated depth-mapping camera - the G90 series supports all these so you'll get lots of choices from your favorite smartphone brands.

4. Hardware Accelerators for Cameras

Beyond the big sensors, all our Helio chips are focused on integrating lots of specific accelerators to enhance the photographic results. Our triple-ISP design optimizes power and performance in all photographic modes, while an integrated hardware depth engine provides smooth, real-time bokeh previews for the highest quality Portraits.

Meanwhile if video is your thing, you can capture at speeds of up to 240 FPS for super-slow mo's and use highly efficient HEVC encoding for small file sizes with great quality.

5. Up to 1TMACs of AI performance

By outperforming the competition again in AI, smartphone brands can tap the G90's 2X AI processing units (APUs) and its powerful CPU and GPU cores to get a total of 1TMACs of AI performance (G90T). This means you get incredibly fast AI-camera applications, OS enhancements and next-gen AI-enhanced apps that work with ease and power-efficiency.

6. World’s first, platform-integrated dual ‘Wake-up Word’ support

A variety of virtual assistants support our daily lives in different ways. The G90T can listen for more than one trigger word that wakes up virtual assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or other localized services.

Smartphone brands benefit from its power-optimized system that’s easy to integrate into new smartphone designs and offers greater consumer choice.

7. Fast 4G LTE modem you can use worldwide

Never worry if you have to travel because the MediaTek G90 series integrates a speedy Cat-12 4G LTE WorldMode modem with advanced IMS (VoLTE\ViLTE\VoWi-Fi) that is supported by over 175 cellular operators worldwide.

The modem features 3x carrier aggregation and 4x4 MIMO antenna with 256QAM that provides more reliable connectivity performance even in densely populated spaces such as stadiums, busy shopping districts, offices or airports.

8. Dual 4G SIM with VoLTE, ViLTE

Continuing our DSDS (dual SIM, dual standby) leadership, we provide dual 4G VoLTE and 4G data that's essential for many users. It means a seamless user experience from either 4G data connection, while VoLTE and ViLTE services from either connection (pending carrier support) provide the best call and live video experience, with faster call setup time and noticeably better sound quality.

9. MediaTek HyperEngine

Though specifically paired with the G90 and G90T, we've gone beyond the chip with MediaTek HyperEngine gaming technologies.

MediaTek HyperEngine is a suite of whole-smartphone enhancements that improve the gaming experience through a dozen key upgrades in both 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, touchscreen responsiveness, picture quality, GPU rendering pipeline optimization and management of CPU/GPU performance that's geared to provide smooth FPS in heavy-loading game engines, demanding scenes and intense gameplay. See all the details and insights on our MediaTek HyperEngine page.

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