MediaTek Helio P65 launches

Jun 26, 2019
P65 1000X450 Blog

The new MediaTek Helio P65 aims to empower avid, mainstream smartphone users and mobile gamers with a refreshed mix of high performance hardware in an ultra-efficient chip.

Processor & Graphics

With a refreshed mix of newer big Arm cores and an upgraded Arm GPU over the previous generation P series, it boasts up to 25% performance over competitor alternatives that use older generation core types. The single CPU cluster design with large L3 cache and fast clock speeds give an ideal mix of boosted performance with fantastic power efficiency.

  • 2X powerful Arm Cortex-A75 CPUs
  • 6X highly efficient Arm Cortex-A55 CPUs
  • Up to 2GHz
  • Octa-core, single cluster with large L3 cache
  • Arm Mali-G52-class GPU up to 820MHz


This new hardware mix has pumped up AI performance over 2X compared to last generation Helio P, and its AI-camera performance – the most common smartphone AI use case – is notably faster than competitor chips.

  • 2X AI performance over last generation
  • 30% faster performance versus direct competitor in AI-camera tasks


The demand for ultra-high-resolution cameras and complex multi-camera arrays is unabating so the P65 includes 48MP camera support and multi-camera capabilities for brands to design with, providing the foundation for superb product diversity and consumer choice. As ever we’ve integrated a wealth of hardware imaging accelerators that yield leading power efficiency and excellent photo and video results in all conditions.

  • 48MP 4-cell sensor support
  • Multi-camera support; 16+16MP dual cameras
  • Secure ISP design for fast, accurate and safe facial recognition
  • Multitude of hardware imaging accelerators for best-in-class photo quality


Integrating Voice on Wakeup hardware into the P65 platform means platform size and power use is minimized, easing smartphone design efforts for brands. We’ve also upgraded the audio quality by separating the channels for two distinct audio-types, aligning voice commands and phones calls together versus media or games.

  • Full VoW platform integration
  • Separate audio channels for voice versus media/games


The upgraded inertial navigation engine works to accurately compensate when indoors, underground or driving through tunnels. With the ability to understand its orientation and direction, the P65 can be placed or held in any position to separate orientation from inertial readings when GNSS is unavailable.

  • Our most accurate inertial navigation engine ever
  • Intelligently understands its orientation and direction of momentum, separating device placement/angle from inertial readings.


Dual 4G SIM is an essential feature for many markets. It offers more consumer choice with two carriers and a seamless 4G experience when using either data connection. VoLTE and ViLTE services provide exceptional voice and video call quality, faster connection setup time, more reliable coverage and lower power consumption compared to regular voice calls.

Meanwhile, Wi-Fi 5 and BT 5.0 provides a fast, local connectivity performance, while Bluetooth/Wi-Fi co-existence simplifies product design and assures reliable performance for the user.

  • Dual 4G SIM with VoLTE, ViLTE support
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth coexistence

The MediaTek Helio P65 is in mass production now, and is expected to be available in consumer devices in July this year.

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