MediaTek joins the Global mobile Suppliers Association as an Executive Member

Sep 6, 2022
MediaTek joins the Global mobile Suppliers Association as an Executive Member

MediaTek has joined the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) as an Executive Member, joining other industry peers in a collaboration representing the global 4G and 5G mobile ecosystem. MediaTek will be an active member of the GSA Spectrum Group’s 6G joint working group, which has begun the process of discussing potential regulations, standards, spectrum, and other factors determining the mobile ecosystem in an effort to build a consensus with members as we head towards the 6G era. Read the GSA press release >

“As an Executive Member of the GSA, we look forward to working together with key technology industry partners to shape the future of the mobile ecosystem,” said Mingxi Fan, General Manager, Communication System Design at MediaTek. “Combining vision and resources with all technology leaders is the best way to drive innovation in the wireless domain. As a leading global semiconductor supplier in wireless and multimedia, and a leading contributor to 3GPP, MediaTek will further contribute to this joint effort towards the timely delivery of 5G Advanced and 6G technologies and commercial launches. MediaTek is in a prime position to further strengthen GSA, with our contribution spanning from early research to standardization all the way to delivering class-leading SoCs enabling new and richer digital life experiences in consumer and enterprise spaces.”

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