MediaTek Helio A Series smartphone processors just launched

Jul 18, 2018
MediaTek Helio A Series smartphone processors just launched

The MediaTek Helio A series enables device makers to target the mid-tier/mainstream smartphone market with a new wave of high performance smartphones for multimedia, gaming and that feature incredible cameras, AI enhancements and greater power efficiency.

It's called MediaTek Helio "A" because it delivers advanced tech, which creates awesome experiences in accessible and affordable 4G LTE smartphones. These A-chips are ideal for developing markets, casual users or anyone looking for a great value smartphone with the latest capabilities.

The MediaTek Helio A series slots under the existing Helio series as follows:

For smartphone brands and manufacturers, like these existing Helio series', the new MediaTek Helio A series aims to provide both highly capable platforms and flexible tools for differentiation. Using MediaTek's GMS Express service, brands can reach the market faster and effectively.

The first processor in the Helio A series is the MediaTek Helio A22, which pairs a fast 2.0GHz quad-core CPU with a great IMG PowerVR GE-series GPU, class-leading camera and support for light AI-enhancements in software. The Xiaomi Redmi 6A has just launched featuring this chip, with more smartphones packing MediaTek Helio A series hardware due soon.

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