MediaTek M80 enables over 7Gbps of 5G SA performance (NR-DC)

Apr 15, 2021

MediaTek has collaborated with one of the industries foremost Radio Communication Test Equipment makers, Anritsu, to achieve 5G sub-6GHz (FR1) + mmWave (FR2) Dual Connectivity (NR-DC) at over 7Gbps using the MediaTek M80 5G modem, showcasing new levels of extreme data performance now capable in next-generation 5G products.

Sub-6GHz (FR1) + mmWave (FR2) Dual Connectivity means the modem makes connection in both 5G frequency ranges: sub-6GHz and mmWave, aggregating the performance of both for the user. Dual Connectivity builds on 5G Standalone and mmWave deployments that are continuing to grow globally. These technologies are key to growing capacity, performance and innovative new use-cases across business, industry and consumer ecosystems.

The MediaTek M80 5G modem can enable dual connectivity (NR-DC) and carrier aggregation (CA) together; where DC can boost throughput by up to 2X and CA can extend FR2 coverage by up to 70%.

The test was performed using an Anritsu Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A, which connected to a user device featuring an MediaTek M80 5G modem. The test achieved a downlink (DL) throughput over 7 Gbps using sub-6GHz (FR1) + mmWave (FR2) Dual Connectivity technology and 256QAM modulation in 5G Standalone (SA) mode.

Sub-6GHz (FR1) + mmWave (FR2) Dual Connectivity is one of the latest cellular technology developments that will contribute to next generation 5G services; through this collaboration, MediaTek has successfully demonstrated its future-proof capability in leading-edge 5G technology features.

The MediaTek M80 5G modem technology capabilities showcase industry-leadership:

  • Extreme performance sub-6GHz (FR1) + mmWave (FR2) Dual Connectivity and Carrier Aggregation
  • Sustainable connections and fast speeds with FR1 FDD+TDD CA
  • Long-range FR1 FDD with DSS connectivity
  • 3GPP Release 16 standard compliance
  • Comprehensive 2G-5G connectivity
  • 5G standalone and non-standalone support
  • Industry-leading power saving features in MediaTek 5G UltraSave

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