MediaTek MT7915 Wi-Fi 6 Wave 1+ chipset builds in a range of industry firsts

Jan 10, 2020
MediaTek MT7915 Wi-Fi 6 Wave 1+ chipset builds in a range of industry firsts

At CES 2020, MediaTek is showcasing its latest MT7915 Wi-Fi 6 & Bluetooth 5 combo chipset designed for high-performance AP routers, repeaters and mesh networking equipment. Suitable for use at home, in commercial or enterprise applications, the MT7915 chipset family (MT7915A/D) is already available for product development, with first devices expected to launch during Q1 2020.

MT7915 Industry Firsts

The MediaTek MT7915 is the world’s first single chip Wi-Fi 6 Wave 1+ and Bluetooth 5 combo solution. The chip integrates a dedicated RF receiver with ‘Zero-Wait DFS channel monitoring’ – an industry first – that brings faster, highly reliable and easier-to-use connectivity.

MT7915 Patented Features

Patented features include MediaTek ESR (Enhanced Spatial Reuse) technology that further optimizes the efficiency and capacity in a wireless network, and an enhanced internal FEM that improves efficiency by up to 60%. Together it provides the best UL coverage and also better peak throughput versus competitor alternatives.

Comprehensive Wi-Fi 6 Wave 1+ Feature Coverage

Some Wi-Fi 6 Wave 1+ features are only optional and not supported by competitor alternatives, but MediaTek MT7915 ticks the boxes on all of them, such as 1024QAM, UL/DL MU-MIMO user#, spatial reuse and long-range DCM.

Multi-Gigabit Performance

MediaTek MT7915 integrates a simultaneous dual-band architecture that delivers multi-gigabit Wi-Fi speeds via either 4x4 (MT7915A) or 2x2 (MT7915D) antenna options.

EasyMesh Ready

MediaTek continues to lead the deployment of Wi-Fi Alliance EasyMeshTM certified products. The EasyMesh standard ensures product interoperability and provides a singular, easily manageable Wi-Fi network that can be extended as far as the deployment requires.

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