MediaTek named in LexisNexisIP Global Top 100 Innovation Momentum 2023 report

Feb 25, 2023

Now in its second edition, the LexisNexisIP Innovation Momentum 2023 has included MediaTek among just a dozen other global semiconductor companies in its annual report that identifies the world's most innovative enterprises.

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"Using a methodology based on the Patent Asset Index—an objective measure of global technological strength—the Top 100 presents the companies, industries, and regions leading the charge. With five industries dominating the list, it becomes clear that global challenges prompt innovation. [...] In addressing adversity, turning disruption into opportunity, and creating the building blocks for better lives, there is no shortage of innovators who are ready to generate value both for their businesses and for the wider world."

MediaTek is committed to long-term R&D investment, and will endeavor to continue its technology leadership in many market verticals, including mobile, home, intelligent IoT, and automotive products. MediaTek plays a leading role in standard setting activities, particularly in 5G communications, Wi-Fi, broadcast, and media encoding. Its patents are registered globally, including the United States, China, Europe, Taiwan, India, Japan, Korea, Brazil, and South Africa.

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